Our Five Ring Circus: Sleepover

Monday, June 14, 2010


Started out great...


...but ended badly.

Dylan is constantly trying to convince Lexie to have a sleepover. This has only worked twice in the past year. Once in his room, and once in her crib.

Lexie is just the type of person who likes her own space. She does fine sleeping elsewhere, but at home, she prefers to sleep alone in her own crib. She has been like that since she was born.

Dylan just doesn't understand why she doesn't want to have a sleepover, and takes it personally. We were all surprised when Lexie agreed to sleep in Dylan's room tonight.

They read books together, played with the Leapster and laptop toy for a while, and then attempted to go to sleep. Not long after I turned out the lights, I heard, "Mommy, I want to go back to my own room!"

Dylan tried to continue the sleepover. "Lexie, can I sleep in your crib with you?"

She flat out refused. "No."

He responded by breaking into tears.

While Lexie enjoyed her own personal space, I was left to deal with Dylan's hurt and disappointment. He kept wailing, "Lexie! I want Lexie! Lexie! Lexie!" Dylan is not one to lose control of his emotions like that, so I felt horrible that he was so sad about it.

Hopefully, Lexie will soon be willing to have sleepovers with Dylan (you know, before they can't stand each other).

Tonight, I was the one curled up next to Dylan as he fell asleep.


  1. Aw, poor Dylan! My baby can only sleep in her own crib. Luckily noone has tried to have a sleepover with her!

  2. Awhhh how sad...poor Dylan! :(

  3. How sweet! My kids both prefer to be in their own beds. In fact, Buster doesn't like sleeping anywhere else, even when he's sick. So I can definitely understand Lexie's feelings on that.

    But poor, heartbroken Dylan. :-(

  4. Dylan is so sweet. I know what you mean. Lillian sounds a lot like Lexie. She doesn't care to sleep with anyone. She would much rather be in her bed by herself. She is not a big cuddle bug either so I have to find ways to cuddle with her!

  5. Girls and their space, can't mess with that and beauty sleep... ha! I am sure there will be plenty of other opportunities for Dylan to have his sis sleep over with him. (hopefully) Your kids are so darling. Thanks for your visits too, Have a great night. Jenn

  6. Isn't it funny how DIFFERENT kids can be????

    So sweet that he loves his little sister that much. Enjoy it now, Mom, cuz sooon....yes all too soooonn....

    they'll be making you wanna duct-tape them to the walls before you head out to go power-shopping for the whole day!

    ha ha ha

    Hope all is well with you guys! I'm a bad friend who never gets around blogland anymore. So sad.



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