Our Five Ring Circus: The Other Sister

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Other Sister

It was a really good day!

The kids and I woke up early for a change, and I managed to get in my run before heading out for the day. We spent several hours swimming with my best friend and her boys. We had a great time!

We haven't gone swimming (other than in the kid's little pool) since August. Dylan and Lexie were both a bit unsure at first, but by the time we were ready to leave, Dylan was swimming all over the pool. And Lexie? My careful child? She didn't want to get out of the pool! I had to watch her so carefully. She kept jumping into the pool and off the raft without telling me first!

With just one day in the pool, they have turned into little water babies, and can't wait to swim again!

After we finished swimming, we headed over to my sister's house. Her best friend, aka my "adopted" sister, came to visit. It's been 6+ years since I last saw her, so I was incredibly excited to see her again.

Thais moved in with us when she was a teenager. She was my sister's best friend, and was having trouble with her parents, so my parents took her in. They already had 8 kids, so 1 more was no big deal!

Thais and Annie were over 6 years older than me, and they teamed up to torture me. I was a hormonal preteen at the time, so I was an easy target! Despite all the torture, I grew to love Thais like a sister. Even though I don't see her often, I will always consider her to be my sister.

Thais now lives in Hong Kong with her husband and two gorgeous kids. I have yet to meet them! I was thrilled to be able to spend time with Thais today. She is the same as she has always been-incredibly funny and sweet! It was wonderful to see her again and get reacquainted. She should be returning to the US in 2012, so we'll get to see her more often! I'm going to visit her again, before she heads home.

The kids were exhausted after being away from home for almost 12 hours, and ended up falling asleep on the way home.

I'm so glad they fell asleep in the car. I needed a little break. I forgot to reapply my sunscreen today, and have a sunburn on my arms and shoulders. I haven't had a sunburn in over 2 years, and it's hurting! On top of that, I am in the midst of a 4 day migraine from the heat, and the pills I take to control my ovarian cysts are making me sick. I spent Monday night throwing up thanks to the combination of the migraine and the pills, and I'm still feeling queasy!

I have no pictures to document this fun day! I had the audacity to forget my camera at home. I guess we'll just need to have a do-over!


  1. hey, thanks for the visit over at mama4real. your kids are ahhhhdorable!! sounds like a really neat visit with your "other sister" and i think it's cool that your parents had such an open, loving heart. it must have been neat growing up in such a huge family.

    i'm here to tell you that parenting can really be a blast and over the years, i've often said "this is my favorite age." really, no matter what age your children are… be in the moment and delight in each day. (hard to chant to yourself when you're combing spew chunks out of hair or chasing a child covered in butter through the house, ha!)

    dylan and lexie will bring you much joy, and lots of other emotions. they're such a sweet treasure, and obviously in a house filled with love.

    so nice to meet you!

  2. I'm sorry you still aren't feeling well.

    Sounds like you had a very busy, but fun day. I am hoping to get some swimming in while we're in San Diego, but I don't know if it will be warm enough. :-(

  3. How nice that you were able to see your "sister" again. And some days, forgetting the camera isn't such a bad thing...it's tough, but it really allows you to sit back and enjoy it all!

  4. So, I read your whole post....but I can't get over the second sentence! The kids woke up early FOR A CHANGE! Can you get your kiddos to come talk to mine, because mine have been up by 6:30 every morning since the summer started!!

  5. How great that you got to spend time with your "sister"! I know that in your heart, that is truly what she is. I hope that you get to feeling better! Gheeez!

  6. that is great you got to visit with Thais...boo to forgetting your camera! don't you hate it when that happens?

    your parents must have been awesome people to do that, having kids is hard, I can't imagine taking on others, so they must truly have a big heart!:)

  7. Glad you had a nice day at the pool with the kids! So fun!

    Sounds like they had a great time. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. sound like you and kids have so much fun swimming. my kiddo loves to swim too. oh and sorry to hear that sissy. migraine is definitely no fun at all! thanks God, mine's been absent for quite some time now. hope u feel better too, and the sunburn too, hope that will soon go away too.

    have a happy weekend!

  9. No fun to the migrain! Glad you were able to enjoy your day swimming! I hear ya about a little peace and quiet in the car! I sometimes take the kids for a quick ride just so they can be strapped down and quiet for a few minutes. Well, not quiet, I just can't hear them over the blaring music! LOL


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