Our Five Ring Circus: Tidbits

Thursday, June 3, 2010


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It's much too late and I'm much too tired to type out an emotional blog post. The past three days have been incredibly difficult, but tonight, I have hope.

I have been in a funk recently, and instead of letting it all out right here, right now, I'm going to focus on what makes me happy. My kids keep me laughing, smiling, living, and loving.

They may be a day (or two) late, but I can't resist posting these funny (tid)bits.

Lexie calls the Slip 'n Slide a swimming slide. That works too!

She also calls arm pits "arm puddles." That's my personal favorite! (And in some cases, quite accurate!)

Dylan's favorite saying is, "I'm the man with the master plan!" He tells us that all the time! I'm not quite sure where he heard that, but I am quite sure that I should be afraid.

Lexie saw a commercial on TV, and asked me, "Who's going to buy me that Pillow Pet?" When I didn't respond, she suggested, "Maybe you?"

Lexie loves the cupcake scented lotion that my mom has in her bathroom. She is constantly wiping it on her arms. Today, she walked out of my mom's bathroom and said, "I'm rubbing myself like a cupcake!" Ummm...okay.

And, finally, an offer I couldn't resist. Lexie said to me, "Mom, want to go snuggle? Let's snuggle in your room!" I was more than happy to oblige. I'll take all the snuggles I can get!


  1. LOL! Hilarious! I wanna smell like a cupcake! =)

  2. I'm sorry you are feeling down. Hope things are better! Let me know if you need to chat!

  3. Awww, sorry things are hard. I hope they get better soon and that God will give you peace and wisdom in any decisions you make.

    And I hope you have a really great weekend with Itty Bit's twin and your cupcake girl! :)

  4. I hope you get out of your funk soon! Those are so fun little tidbits to make you smile though! I love that she asked who was going to buy the toy for her...smart girl:)

  5. Well now you have me all worried about you. We are here if you need a shoulder to (type?) on. I am glad you are also looking on the bright side!

  6. Cute and sweet! I love the "arm puddles" and the "master plan"...where, indeed, did he get that? Pillow pets are on my list of least favorite things right now...I've gotten at least a million requests for each one of them...and she really needs more stuffed animals...Thanks for wishing me well with the move. I dislike the process but am looking forward to being settled...Hope all is well with you...

  7. I love with Reagan says it's time for "snuggles and cuddles" too!

  8. soak up those cuddles while you can. hold her in your arm puddles :D

  9. I'm sorry to hear that you're in a little funk (it must be something in the water because I feel the same)! Enjoy your kids and laugh a lot ... hope you feel better soon!

  10. Awwww, too cute! I love it when kids say the cutest things! I hope you make it through whatever it is you're going through. There must be something in the air. {{HUGS}}

    I don't know about you, but I could so use a good margarita!!! Ha!!!

  11. eheheh really cute! My fave is that arm puddles hehehe

    hope you are feeling better now! Can some music uplifts you? Try listening to Healing by Denniece Williams. That usually works for me, and I hope it works for you too!

    lots hugs,

  12. It's been rough over here too! Hope things look up for you soon. Mama's have it the hardest I think!

  13. thanks for the comment! uir blo gis precious :)


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