Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

I have not gone anywhere, other than my backyard, for the past 3 days. The cabin fever has set in. Hence, my, ahhhh, boring attempt at blogging. I am breaking out tomorrow! Can't. Take It. Anymore!!!!

Tuesday Tidbits is my way to record all the cute and funny things that my kids say and do.

Lexie is a pro at coming up with creative explanations. Today's explanation, as to why she picked a scab off her leg, was by far, the strangest. And nastiest.
"Lexie, why did you pick your boo-boo?"
After a brief moment of silence, "I ripped it off because I thought it was a snack."
Excuse me?!?!?

Over the past few weeks, Dylan has taken a liking to sleeping in his skivvies. Hence, the new nickname of Captain Underpants. It doesn't end there. After he wakes up, he parades around for several hours in his little briefs. Lexie decided to join him today. Monkey see, monkey do.

Today, Lexie began drawing people. I think it's so cool when their drawings get better!


Dylan calls tornadoes "tormatoes." I guess they are a cross between a tornado and a tomato.

Lexie turned on the computer at my parent's house. The screensaver is a picture of Dylan and Lexie on Easter. She greeted it by saying, "Hello, Ken and Barbie."

Later, when she printed out a picture that she created, she grabbed it, and said, "Thank you, computer." At least she's remembering to use her manners. ;)

I walked into the bathroom to find Dylan looking in the mirror with his face all scrunched up. He asked, "Why do we get stripes on our nose when we make this face?"

Ahhh, they can be so cute!


  1. Awhhh they are so cute! I love kidisms...except maybe the snack...eww.

  2. I love the things kids say! I do that on my blog too to keep track of all the funny, sweet and gross musings of my 2 year old.

  3. LOL at "hello Ken and Barbie"!! That is so funny!!!

    Buddy will sleep in his undies once in awhile, and stay in them for hours as well. The other day, he met me in the bathroom with only his underwear and his Woody (from Toy Story) hat on. I almost died laughing.

  4. Your kids are so cute. (Although I'm not sure about that snack comment... lol!)

    Have a beautiful day!

  5. haha!!! "I thought it was a snack"
    silly girl

  6. How cute, except for the boo boo part of course! ha ha! :)

  7. I love how she said hello Ken and Barbie to the screen saver. Adorable!!

    I hope you get out of the house soon. I know it can get tire some with everyone in everyones space and stuck at home.

    On the other hand I have spent a little more time at home this week than usual and it has been so relaxing.

  8. love it!! kids say the darndest things :)

  9. Okay, I had to stop after the scab one, I couldn't stop laughing. then? The tornmado one? Love it!

  10. Hahaha! They are little comedians! Lexi's booboo explanation is a BIT disturbing! LOL

  11. what! a snack?!! LOL! what a cutieeee!


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