Our Five Ring Circus: Shopping Buddies

Friday, June 25, 2010

Shopping Buddies

My mom and I are the best shopping buddies. We have been shopping together, every other Friday, for the past decade.

When we first began doing this, we would meet for dinner, and then do our marathon shopping. We continued to do this, even when my kids were younger. Dylan loved to shop with us, until he turned 5. Then, it became boring, and he began to visit his Papa while my mom, Lexie, and I shopped.

We still have our Friday shopping tradition, but we changed it up a bit. After we're done, we head to my parent's house for dinner and a card game.

I love spending time with my mom. We have so much fun shopping together!

Today, for example:

We were driving past Dick's Sporting Goods, and they were having a sidewalk sale. My mom announced, "Look! They are having a big Dick sale." Just as I started laughing, she realized what she had said. "Oh, I guess that came out wrong," she said. By that point, I was laughing so hard that I could barely drive the car!

A few minutes later, we pulled into the Costco parking lot. I headed for a section that looked empty, and pulled into a spot. The pavement looked a bit warped in that spot, but it was close to the store, and didn't seem too bad. Until I drove into it. "Perhaps," my mom said, "the reason that nobody was parked here was because of this. You just parked in a crater!" Perhaps so. But I made it out just fine!

We spent the entire afternoon laughing! I couldn't stop teasing her about the sale. ;)


  1. Fun! It's so nice to have a shopping buddy!
    What card games do you play? We used to play pinnacle with my parents!

  2. Very funny! And so great you get that regular time with your mom. My mom lives 4 hours away, so we don't get that.

  3. So adorable! My mom is my best friend too! Since we moved to AL we're only an hour away from my parents which makes it so convenient to get together! Sound like y'all had a great day! Hope your weekend is just as much fun, girlie!

  4. LOL!! My mom is very humorous too, and we always find ourselves laughing hysterically whenever we get together. I love that.

  5. Sounds like fun! What a fun tradition to have with your mom and pass on to Lexie!

  6. awww thats so sweet! im so jealous! :( i miss my mom now.

  7. I always love when I can find those on sale...especially when they're two for one!!


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