Our Five Ring Circus: Diary of a Crappy Day

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Diary of a Crappy Day

It was one of those days. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Going to bed seemed like the only reasonable solution.

7:30 AM: Woke up too early, after very little sleep. Thank you, insomnia.

8:30 AM: Crying meltdown in my car. (Me. Not them.)

8:45 AM: Lexie insists on buttered noodles for breakfast. I insist on pancakes. Meltdown (Her. Not me.) in effect.

9:00 AM: I finally sit down to eat. Kids are finished. Lexie ate 3 pieces.

9:30 AM: 3 mile run on treadmill. First time I've felt good all morning.

10:00 AM: Shower. Nick myself with razor. Curse the shaving cream.

10:45 AM: Running late for playdate at the park. Decide that tossing snacks in a bag is a less time-consuming option than packing a full lunch.

11:05 AM: Arrive at the usually empty park to find an entire daycare having water balloon fights. Get out of car anyway. The keys I have to the SUV are the crappy, not-working set. Tell kids not to lock the door. Kids lock the door.

12:00 PM: Kids are hungry. My remote entry key isn't working. Thanks to the security feature, I need to open the car door and start the engine within 30 seconds before the alarm goes off. Nearly impossible with a worn out key that barely turns in the ignition. Brace myself for at least a minute of embarrassment while I try to start the car. Guess what? Worn out key will not even open my doors. HA!!!

12:30 PM: Arrange for my oh-so-awesome sister to pick up the good set of keys from my husband, who is at work, and drop them off at the park.

12:45 PM: Sister arrives. Car opens perfectly. We eat, talk, and have fun! Finally, I'm having fun!

1:30 PM: Lexie started going before we reached the potty. Underwear change in parking lot.

2:00 PM: Kids tired. Playdate over. Head to gas station. Gas station full and there's a line of cars. Head to the other gas station.

2:05 PM: Swipe card at pump. Doesn't read. Swipe card again. Doesn't read. Swipe card again. Doesn't read. Pump tells me to see cashier. I decide to go back to the other gas station, instead of taking both kids out of their seat and then having to strap them in again.

2:10 PM: At other gas station. The card worked, but pump isn't working. Have to take kids out of car and go see the cashier. HA!

2:15 PM: Gas tank is full. Kids fighting over magnadoodle.

2:20 PM: Successful trip to the bank, and Dylan graciously gave the magnadoodle to Lexie.

2:25 PM: Arrive home with tired kids. Lexie practically refuses her nap, but I insist. I win.

4:30 PM: I get the awesome job of scooping Great Dane poop out of the yard before it gets mowed. Rock on.

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