Our Five Ring Circus: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

Come for a walk with me down Memory Lane!
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This picture was taken on February 21, 2007...the night before Lexie was born! Dylan was a day away from turning 27 months!

It was 2 weeks away from my due date, and I was so eager to find out whether we were having a boy or a girl!

I can't get over how BIG my belly was! I supposed I wasn't THAT big, but compared to how tiny I was with Dylan, this belly was huge! Then again, a 9 lb, 1 oz baby girl was curled up in there! I had a feeling she was going to be a big one, considering her big brother was 7 lbs, 2 oz, born a month early!

Dylan was so excited about having a baby brother or sister, but I don't think he really knew what he was in for!


  1. That picture speaks volumes. It's beautiful.

  2. Awwww, what a darling photo. How neat that you took it the night before she was born. =0)

    I'm so glad she was a SHE!!! So nice to have one of each (not that you won't have more?!)

  3. What a amazingly beautiful picture. I love it!

  4. ...absoutley precious...



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