Our Five Ring Circus: School Daze

Monday, September 14, 2009

School Daze

Life has been a whirlwind since Dylan started school. I imagined our lives would change when he went to school, but I didn't realize just how much!

Dylan LOVES school. He talks about it all the time, and is so excited when I tell him it's a school day. When I picked him up from class today, he walked out and exclaimed, "Mommy, I had a great day!" He is very friendly, polite, and outgoing, so I knew it would be easy for him. The fact that he loves it so much makes it easier on me when I leave him behind.

Lexie is not a happy camper. She is missing her brother so much, and sobs every time we leave him at school.

Today was Dylan's first regular day at school, with all of his classmates. Last week was hour-long split classes. Each week, the class focuses on one student, who is the "shining star." Dylan was the first shining star. This weekend, we had to fill a special bag that the teacher sent home, with pictures, his favorite book (that I have to read to the class on Friday), his favorite toy, and a story that he illustrated then dictated to me. This week, the class gets to learn all about him.

I am so overwhelmed right now. We are so busy already, and then we added school to the mix. This is a big change for all of us. The kids are going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. No more 12-14 hours of sleep a night for them! And no more staying up until 2 AM for me. I just can't do it anymore. Which means I had to alter my schedule to get in internet/blogging time! No more late night blogging for me!

Our schedule is so structured now. I was amazed at everything I accomplished today while Dylan was at school. I got in a 2 mile run, cleaned all of my floors in the house, put laundry away, cleaned Dylan's room, played 2 games with Lexie, and had a few minutes to get online, before I had to get Dylan. I am liking that! I guess there's something to be said for waking up earlier.

I can't believe everything *I* have to do for school! When Dylan gets homework, it means Mommy has to take an hour to help. I have made 2 runs to the store to pick up pictures that I had to print out for homework/projects. There are permission slips to sign, papers to turn in, class parties to volunteer at, books to read to the class, snack days to remember, picture day, orientations, meetings, field trips. So many dates to remember, on top of the many things we already have planned! I am so overwhelmed, and really need to get organized! I think I need a command center for all of this information!

It's a big adjustment for all of us, but I think we'll be just fine! This new schedule is going to be good for us. I just need to get out of this daze!


  1. Wow! That sounds hectic. Makes my day sound a lot easier..and here I thought I was busy. LOL

  2. I'm glad he is loving school so much!I know it's a lot to do, but it would just be compounded if he hated it!

  3. i know what you mean and yes i am constantly feeling overwhelmed.

  4. Oh, I feel your pain!!!

    I have double booked 'time slots' three times this past week. Then I have to wriggle my way out of one commitment to make it to the other. My house is falling apart around me! =0)

    I too am impressed with all you got done! You go girl!!!

  5. I've found out how much you can get done by getting up early, too.

    When I first started doing it, I'd be doing some cleaning, computer time, more cleaning. Then I'd think, "Hmmm...it's probably close to lunchtime" and check the clock.

    9:30. LOL.

    So glad he likes school. It's sweet and sad that Lexie misses him...but hey, at least she's not crying when he gets HOME, right?

    Have fun with all your cool Mom duties. I was always envious of the kids whose moms came for the parties and things.

    Congrats to your little shining star!!

    Have fun, and don't worry, you'll {all} get used to it!


  6. sounds like a lot of work! Good luck with the new schedule, they are always hard getting used to.

  7. I'm glad Dylan likes school - that really does make things easier! I can relate to how crazy life gets once school starts!

  8. I don't have to do any of that yet but WOW that is a lot. Way to go on keeping up with it!

  9. We have a ton to do for school too! I already forgot the girls' sheets and blankets on Monday and had to go back for them. Both girls have share day once a week, fundraisers, Scholastic book club, Hannah has unofficial homework and is going on her first field trip next week! I'm totally freaking out about her going on a bus! AAAAHHH!!!


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