Our Five Ring Circus: Quirky

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Lexie and Bun Bun have been inseparable since the moment she picked him out of her toy basket when she was just 6 months old. That's not quirky. That's just plain adorable.

But Lexie has a dark side. She loves all things strange and ugly. For some reason, she attaches herself to these items. She's a quirky one!

We'll start with the not so strange, and leave the best for last!

Strange Lovey #1:
She loves her shoes. So much that she sleeps with them. Not ugly. Just strange.

Strange Lovey #2:
Neighbor Dave, who is completely awesome, always sends over stuff for the kids. His mom offered two dolls from the 1970's to Lexie, and she immediately fell in love with them. Not only are they bigger than her, but they are a bit scary looking. We sent one over to Nannie's house to stay. It was getting a bit crowded in her crib at night.

And now it gets weirder....

Strange Lovey #3:
The wooden rooster. My sister moved back to the area, and every time we went to her house, she went in search of the rooster. Or "cock" as she liked to call it at the time. Yeah...that wasn't good. I do believe "cock" has recently disappeared. His leg did break off, courtesy of Lexie. I wonder where he could be?

*Look at how much her hair is grown in one short year!!! That picture was taken in September of last year!

Strange Lovey #4:
The bird lady. My mom won this bird in the annual "Ugly Christmas Gift Contest" she has with my brother-in-law. Lexie adores this "baby" and carries it around my parent's house. Half lady, half bird? I just don't get it.

If you thought the last two were bad, just wait. This one takes the cake. This is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen. This is also an Ugly Christmas Gift winner. It's so bad, that when Lexie takes it out in public, the only thing people can say when they see it is..."Oh my." We try to leave it at my parent's house, but every so often, she takes it shopping or tries to bring it home.

Prepare yourself.

Strange Lovey #5:
Pumpkin Man.

Yes, that would be a doll with a pumpkin head. This thing terrifies me. But to Lexie, it's the coolest doll in the world.

* For the full effect, I'd recommend clicking on the bird lady and pumpkin man pics to enlarge them. I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on the details.

She's a strange one! I just look at it this way: She finds beauty in everything. That's a good thing! Embrace those quirks, baby girl!


  1. LMAO at this post. Those are some ugly dolls, birds, etc. Too funny.

  2. the pumpkin man is ugly. the shoes and large dolls i understand. mary used to sleep with shoes and this giant doll as well.

  3. That is so funny! I wouldn't want those dolls anywhere near me!

  4. Hilarious! LOL Lexie is so funny.

  5. Ha ha ha, I clicked on those two... and wow. BIRD LADY is WEIRD! And that pumpkin one, I wouldn't want it in MY BEDROOM and I'm a grown woman!

    Riley would NEVER hug that thing. ha ha ha Heck, she's still afraid of my old Humpty Dumpty pillow - and I think he's CUTE.

    Oh well.

  6. OMG.... she is so flippin adorable!!!!
    I don't think any of it is strange.... just totally and absolutely cute!!!

  7. Oh wow. That is hilarious!!! My li'l man has a shoe fetish, but he doesn't sleep with them... He just freaks out if he's not wearing any!

    Wow. So, maybe she will see beauty in the things others walk past. Hmmm. That could be good... right? ;)

  8. Oh wow. That is hilarious!!! My li'l man has a shoe fetish, but he doesn't sleep with them... He just freaks out if he's not wearing any!

    Wow. So, maybe she will see beauty in the things others walk past. Hmmm. That could be good... right? ;)

  9. okay...that pumpkin thing is just down right SCARY!!!

    at least like you said, she can see the beauty in things...I bet she will be an artist! :)

  10. OMG! That is one of the funniest things I've ever seen! Crazy kid! She's going to end up like Hannah who loves all things "spooky" at age 3! :)

  11. LOL....these are too cute! I am a bit freaked out by the dolls and pumpkin mad, but whatever makes her happy! My kids both had a shoe fetish, but they don't go as far as sleeping with them. She is precious!

  12. hehehhe!!
    she is just so adorable! you are so lucky to have her in your life.

  13. Ha HA this post cracked me up. My daughter always goes and finds these ducks at her great grandparents house and I always worry she will break them.

    She sure likes some strange things. Seems she likes to always have something in her hands or sleeping with her in her crib!

  14. love this post! what a doll you have!!

  15. ha ha ha HILARIOUS! Paige sleeps with her shoes as well! And thanks for the award :)

  16. She takes after her father, I believe.

  17. I am totally cracking up at this post... and would love it if you wanted to link it up to our True Story Tuesday... I know it'd garner a bunch of laughs :)

    And that pumpkin doll is freaking me out from all the way over here!


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