Our Five Ring Circus: It All Began With The Birth Of This Boy

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It All Began With The Birth Of This Boy

Six years ago, toady, my nephew, Brady was born. I was at the hospital on his birth day, and fell in love the moment I saw him. And so began a major case of baby fever!

Brady was the first of my nieces/nephews to be born after I was married, so I could really appreciate him. Today, he turned 6! He's now a big boy!

We went over to his house tonight for cake and presents. It was just a few of us celebrating his birthday today. His big party will be in a few weeks.

After digging into his pile of presents, we enjoyed the cookie cake that he picked out. Then the craziness began!

Brady, Dylan, and Jack ran around with pull ups on their heads.

Brandon pretended he was the man who plays bells at the Renaissance Festival.

Lexie zoned out and desperately wished for a girl cousin. Or a sister.

...and picked her nose.

Look how far we've come since that special day 6 years ago!

Happy Birthday, Brady!!!


  1. Such a sweet post. I love that last pic haha! :)

  2. Well, Mom...

    It sounds like you'd better get busy workin' on a sister for Lexie quick! =0)


  3. Cute post!! I love the second picture!!

  4. Aww...I thought there was going to be an "announcement" at the end of this post.

    Man! Now I'm disappointed. LOL.


  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet nephew!

  6. Savi just learned she to can stick her finger up her nose:)

  7. maybe you should get started on poor Lexie a sister!! ?

    sweet post!

  8. he looks like a sweet special kid. and we have 3 boys running around with underwear on their heads all the time here too. oh and yeah we moved back here with my mom for now.

  9. Happy 6th Birthday Brady!! Super Cute :)


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