Our Five Ring Circus: His Bag Is Packed, He's Ready To Go

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

His Bag Is Packed, He's Ready To Go

It is our very first school night. It is so surreal! I honestly can't believe that it's time for my baby boy to start school! I'm going to admit it: I was in tears last night!

We had a good labor day yesterday. It was rainy, chilly, and uneventful, but familiar. We do the same thing every year: go to Nannie's end of summer, Labor Day picnic. I got to sit around and talk, because the kids are obsessed with Grant's parent's neighbor, Dana...who was the flower girl in our wedding, 9 years ago (tomorrow)! She is so good with Dylan and Lexie, and they adore her.

We were up early today, and I had so many last minute things to do before Dylan starts school tomorrow! We started out with a haircut for Dylan, picked up some pictures, got all the laundry washed and put away, cleaned their rooms, and had dinner with my parents. Dylan got to bed a bit later than I wanted, due to a bathroom incident. Lexie had a massive blowout in the tub...TWICE! Fill tub, kids scream bloody murder, empty tub, wipe with Clorox, fill tub, kids scream, empty tub, wipe with Clorox. Luckily, third time was the charm! In the words of Dylan: "Stupid diarrhea. I am so sick of it!!!" Trust me, we all are!

After our very eventful bath experience, Dylan had to do some homework. Say WHAT?!?!? Homework??? He had to draw a picture of himself, and pick out a few photos of himself to take to school.

Lexie was upset that she couldn't do homework. Bet that's the last time that happens!

The finished product...he had to add his pet frog, Bob, and his name. Gotta love Oylan. ;)

Once he finished his homework, we got his backpack ready and tried it on! It's bigger than him! :(

I can't handle this!

Dylan is going to be just fine and I know he's going to love school. It's Mommy who's going to have a hard time! A very hard time.


  1. Oh, it'll be okay. It really, really will!!!! Take a big deep breath, give him tons of hugs and kisses and don't let him see you cry. After he's out of sight, then you can go CRY YOUR EYES out on Lexie. =0)

    He'll be back at home with a million things to tell you before you know it!

  2. That would be so hard. On a positive note, he looks so cute in his back pack! I love his picture. Don't kick my butt, but is it me, or do Bob and Oylan look very similar in that pic??

  3. Awww, sounds like you have been busy! The kids are adorable as ever. He will do great in school and wow all of his teachers with that fantastic smile. Hang in there. :)

    Happy WW!

  4. I just got home from dropping both of my boys off on their first day of school, too...and I'm loving it! Ellis will only go one day a week, and Lane is going three. Trust me...you'll love the one on one time you'll get with Lexie throughout the year. It's such a different dynamic. And I know Dylan will love school! That will make it easier on you. :)

  5. So, how did it go ... for you and for him?

  6. Hee Hee hee....

    You can so tell that the boy HATES having his pic taken.


    What a ham! LOL. The last one and the one holding the picture especially. Cracks me up.

    I hope you survived the day with not too many tears. Enjoy Mommy-Daughter time w/Lexie.


  7. PS.

    You could have given Lexie some homework. Maybe you should buy a special coloring book or one of those learning books from walmart and only use it for special "homework time". That way she won't feel left out--and perhaps teach her to be diligant in her studies...

    Or not.


  8. Aw he looks so cute! Ya'll start school so much later than us. When do they get out?


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