Our Five Ring Circus: Camp In

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Camp In

Dylan and Grant were supposed to go camping today. Their bags were packed, but as I was getting Dylan ready for bed last night, I realized he was burning up. A quick temp check revealed a 103.8 degree fever.

Cancel plans.

Dylan has never gone to the doctor for a sick visit, until today. After one short week of school, he ended up sicker than he's ever been! The kid is lucky, and just doesn't get sick! Whenever he caught a bug in the past, it was so minor that you couldn't even tell he was sick, and very short lived. Wish I could say the same for rashes! ;)

This morning, Dylan still had a very high fever, was congested, and was coughing. He slept all morning, and had no energy, so we headed to Urgent Care just to make sure he was okay. Poor kid was so sick that he fell asleep during his exam.

They did a flu swab and a chest x-ray. The x-ray came back "questionable" so they sent it to radiology, who will review it, and call us back tomorrow. If he does have pneumonia, they will phone a prescription for an antibiotic into our pharmacy. For now, the doctor suggested keeping him on a regular Motrin schedule and giving him Delsym twice a day. The cough suppressant really helped with his cough, and when the fever went down a bit, Dylan perked up.

I felt horrible that Dylan was missing out on the camping trip with his dad, Papa, uncle, and cousins. He has been looking forward to this for a while, and even had a brand new sleeping bag to use.

What's a parent to do?

Set up a tent in the house, of course!

It worked out so well! Dylan and Lexie played quietly in the tent, reading books, talking, and eating marshmallows and pretzel sticks. They had a great time, and Dylan got the rest he needed.

We even ended up putting the portable DVD player in the tent. The kids curled up and enjoyed a movie!

Before we knew it (really, they were being so good and quiet!) , it was time for bed.

It wasn't the camping trip Dylan was counting on, but he had so much fun, that I don't even think he missed it!

This is a definite do over!


  1. Typical, first day at school, then BAM, sick! Hope he feels better soon. The other week Graham and Joel had it really bad. Graham had to get put on steroids to clear it up! Ugh!

    Love the camp-in!!

  2. Way to go mom! Save the day:) My kind of camping...indoors and a laptop was involved:)HA!

  3. I'm sooo sorry Dylan is sick!! My Ava just went to the ER last night and has "the beginnings of pneumonia!" It came on super fast!

    I'm glad he was able to go camp-in tho. Even tho he's not feeling well, it looks like he had a good time!

    I think it's the worst when our kids are sick!

  4. Poor thing ... but at least he was able to have a camp in. Schools are full of germs ... I feel his pain!

  5. I am so glad he still got to have fun, even though the original plan was cancelled! I certainly hope it turns out he does not have pneumonia.

  6. poor kid. those prek kids do swap germs though. it comes with the territory.

  7. Hope he's feeling better...

    Way to improvise, Mom! :-)


  8. Stef - So glad that Dyllio was able to have some fun. There's always a next time.

  9. Now that's my kind of camping trip-minus the sick part! Hope everyone is better now!

  10. Awww... poor guy! Hope he feels better. Hope you guys enoy lots more camp-ins! We love indoor camping here! And that way you are much closer to potty ;-)


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