Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

I think it's been a few weeks since I last did a Tuesday Tidbits post! Time just got away from me!

Dylan and Lexie have been as funny as ever. Life is never boring with those two around! They keep me smiling and laughing! So here are the things that I would never want to forget:

For instance, did you know that The Little Mermaid's fish friend is named Prounder? Not Flounder like I originally thought. Lexie must be right. It's Prounder with a very dramatic rolled r. He must be friends with Snow Wipe.

This face? She makes it all the time. I would never want to forget it. Thank goodness I have hundreds of pictures of her making it.

Yesterday, Grant's cousin had her baby girl, Bella. *Congrats, Ashley and Matt!* In the afternoon, I told Dylan that Ashley was going to the hospital to have her new baby, and that she was naming her Bella.
Dylan replied: "You mean, like Papa's dog, Bella, at his old house?" Bella was my parent's dog, and she passed away when Dylan was 2.
Me: "Yes, she will be named Bella, too."
Dylan: "Is Ashley coming over to our house tonight with Bella?"
Me: "No, Ashley is going to the hospital to have Bella tonight."
Dylan: Now completely confused. "She's having a puppy?"
Me: "No, buddy. Bella is a baby."

Dylan has also taken to holding my hair up, in two big pieces, and telling me that I look like Wolverine. That's just the style I was going for.

Tonight, Dylan informed Grant that his blue, rubber frog was Michael Jackson. Not only was he Michael Jackson, but he danced like Michael Jackson, too. I'm slightly worried about that one.

On the way back from dropping Dylan off at school the other day, Lexie insisted that her daddy had called her for help and that we had to go to his work to save him. Why? Apparently he was being eaten by birds. I actually had to call him at work to reassure Lexie that he was perfectly fine, and bird-free.

Spongebob is absolutely obnoxious. It's even more obnoxious when your 2 year old watches part of an episode, then sings, "It's the Best Day Eber!" over and over again. Locked in a car with you for 45 minutes. Without taking a break. That was on Friday. And she's still singing it. New song, please!


  1. Snow Wipe LOL The things kids say...

  2. Ah, I boycott Sponge Bob! He annoys the crud outta me! Such funny things and it is awesome you get them all down to remember for later!!

  3. Prounder and Snow Wipe put a smile on my face that i needed ha ha :) Love the things kids say and do!

  4. I love the picture! I can't believe how big she is getting! :)

  5. I love the Bella story! It's so good you keep track of these things! I had/have every intention of doing the same thing, but always find reasons not to! Maybe I should start doing Tuesday Tidbits too!!

  6. Those were so funny to read! Thanks for the laugh!


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