Our Five Ring Circus: Thanksgiving Themed Picnic-Staycation Day 1

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thanksgiving Themed Picnic-Staycation Day 1

Today, we went to an end of summer picnic at my mom's best friend's house. The theme: Thanksgiving. Trust me, you'd understand if you knew her! Mary is a lot of fun to be around, and has quite the imagination!

Mary and my mom...they have been friends since I was 3!

Instead of traditional picnic foods, we had a full Thanksgiving dinner. Eaten outside. We played the feather game. Each person had to place a paper feather on their person, and had to keep their feather from being stolen. At the end of the day, the person with the most feathers won.

I just happened to be the winner. I'm sneaky like that. I worked hard protecting those feathers. My bum (what was I thinking when I put on a dress?!?!?) may or may not have been bared in search of those feathers...and the person who did it was not my own mother! I swatted many hands away from me today.

The boy cousins.

Lexie with her Uncle Daryl.

Grant sporting a feather headband.

The kids had a great time, as usual. Several cousins were there, as were Mary's grandkids who are in the same age range. Mary's backyard is like a daycare. She owns every single outdoor toy you can imagine. Big pool, baby pool, swingset, bounce house, sandboxes, ride on toys, play houses...

Dylan with his cousins.

Lexie Squared...the two Lexie's! (The other Lexie is Mary's granddaughter, who is 3 months younger than my Lexie.)

Dylan with his cousin, Brandon.

Snakes, deer, and turkey all joined the picnic. As did a stray rooster, who came over to play several times.

We all had a lot of fun! Lexie fell asleep on the way home, so Dylan and I went out to get a few things at the store. As we were coming back, Dylan told me that he loved spending time with just me tonight. Awww. I love my boy so much!

It was a fun, entertaining picnic! Gotta love the Thanksgiving theme!


  1. Wow that does look like fun! Did you say snakes joined??? I would have been running for my life!:)

  2. i love that pool. thats neat. looks fun.

  3. It sounds like a wonderful time! I like the feather game, your family sounds FUN.

    AND the photographer in me loved that last picture with God's spotlight shining right down on all the deer. Very cool and colorful shot!

  4. looks like loads of fun!!
    I love Lexie's dress!!

  5. Love Lexie's dress. I also lov the pics of them in their bathing suits. Dylan is so handsome.


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