Our Five Ring Circus: Not "My Child" Monday

Monday, July 20, 2009

Not "My Child" Monday

Over at MckMama's blog, we're taking a break from Not Me Monday, and focusing on our children this week. I know I give at least one example of something my kids didn't do every week, but this post is all about them. And let's just say, I really had to narrow down the list...

Dylan did not lean back and let go of the swing, high up in the air, resulting in a backflip in the air, and a 4 foot drop into our stone fountain. Mommy was not screaming, and thinking that it would be yet another ER visit.

The kids did not sneak a cardboard toilet paper tube out of the bathroom garbage can, then proceed in sinking it in the tub. Our tub was not filled with tiny flecks of cardboard.

Lexie did not come into my parent's kitchen, naked, wet, and smelling quite strong. She was not covered, head-to-toe, with Febreeze. She did not still smell like febreeze, 24 hours, and 3 baths later!

The child who was screaming while being weighed and measured at her doctor's appointment? Not mine. The one who sat completely still for her finger prick? Definitely not mine.

Lexie did not refuse to join the other kids on the gym bus. Once she finally climbed aboard, she did not have a blast. That is, until the gym instructor had the audacity to actually touch her. Fun over.

It wasn't my son who threw the rock that hit a fellow playmate.

When given the opportunity to get the PJ Sparkles doll that she wanted, because it was on sale, Lexie did not insist on a tiny baby doll in a purse, instead.

Lexie did not fall asleep on the floor, at a birthday party, while I was changing her diaper.

Lexie is not a drama queen. She did not get so mad at me while I was trying to brush her teeth, that she sucked in a huge breath, pre-scream, until her lips turned purple, and then let it out. Loudly.

Dylan did not carry an orange tote bag around yesterday, draped over his shoulder. It totally did not look like a purse.

The kids that are chasing each other through the house, screaming? Must belong to somebody else.

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  1. these are great!!!
    I had a hard time this week...??
    guess I DO NOT do WAY more crazy stuff than my little ones :)

  2. Sounds like typical kiddos. :) You had way more than I did. I guess graham will get mre michievous as he gets older.

  3. Oh man, Lexie & Reagan sound just alike. I would be very very very afraid of the trouble those two could create if they had the opportunity together!

  4. Love your post! I have a four year old son and 2 year old daughter too! Fun times!

  5. Awesome! I can't believe the Febreeze stayed on her that long. Did you you have her roll all over the furniture and floor to freshen them as long as she smelled?!

  6. Wow great list. They sound like my kids.

  7. LOL Your kids are fun! I hate it when they do crazy stunts and make you feel like your heart's going into your chest and you need to dial 911 at lightning speed!

  8. Hilarious list! Your house sounds like a happenin' place. =)

  9. I enjoyed reading your very fun post. Thank you for sharing.

  10. ha ha ha

    Ahhhhh, kids! Ya gotta admit, they keep life interesting! =0)

  11. Very cute!! I'm sure you totally were *not* freaking out when your son fell off the swing. Oh my!!


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