Our Five Ring Circus: GO MNM

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Two of my sisters and I have recently adopted Girls Only Movie Night Monday. Our local movie theater offers $5 movies all day on Mondays, with free popcorn. Can't beat that!

I had a great time the first Monday we went. We saw "The Proposal" and it was so nice to get out with my sisters, without our kids, and just relax and laugh. This Monday was our second night out. I wasn't planning on going, but decided to at the last minute, and I'm so glad I did. We saw "The Hangover" and I haven't laughed that hard in years. Well, except for tonight, when we were watching "Arrested Development" and Grant kept backing up a funny scene over and over again. ;)

You see, I have a supermom complex. I hate leaving my family, and handing over control of the kids. But I'm finding that I really do need the time away. It took 4 1/2 years for me to admit that fact. I need to get out alone so I can keep my sanity and feel like someone other than just a mom. I adore being a mom, and wouldn't change that for anything, but sometimes mom needs a break!

I'm looking forward to our next GO MNM. We need to convince our other sisters and our mom to join us!

Plus, I came home on Monday to a fixed garage door and the kids were in bed. (Way to go, G!) This GO MNM thing is so worth it!

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  1. Girl time away is definitely a must to recharge the batteries! What a fun way to get in some girl time and actually see a movie in a theater. i can't remember the last time I did that!

  2. I'm the same way...it's so hard for me to leave and do something without the kids..especially without feeling guilty the whole time. Movie night sounds like a great idea! Glad you had a good time w/ your sisters!

  3. {pouty face here!!} I want a girls movie night!!
    my hubs doesn't like movies {short attention span--or just a man--I digress}
    anyway...I want to see the Hangover SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad!!!
    I may have to go alone and be THAT girl at the movies alone!

  4. How fun! I don't remember the last time I had a girls night with anyone other than family. And I certainly don't remember the last time I saw a movie...especially a chic flick. What a great idea!

  5. Okay, so guess what. I had a girls night out last night. The kids were with Jason, so I just called up a friend and she ditcher he kiddos with her hubs, and we headed off to see "The Proposal". A few weeks ago, I went to see "The Hangover". Those are the only two movies I've seen in AGES,and they're the same two you saw. How funny.

    The Hangover was hilarious - I just wished they hadn't thrown all the HORRIBLE raunch in during the credits. The rest was pretty tasteful til those credits began to roll. But still - FUNNY movie!

    Glad you had a GIRLS ONLY NIGHT! They're much needed from time to time.

  6. I am glad you enjoyed your girl time. I made myself go out with my friend Angie and her daughter to get ice cream this past Tuesday night. I am just like you, have a hard time handing over control lol. But it was really fun and I am glad I went. You are so lucky your sisters are closeby!


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