Our Five Ring Circus: The Gymagic Bus is Coming!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Gymagic Bus is Coming!

On Saturday, we celebrated my nephew, Brandon's, 4th birthday. Baby B wanted the Gymagic bus to come to his party.

What is a Gymagic bus? Why, a gym on a bus, of course!

Lexie and her 3 year old cousin, Aubrey, refused to climb aboard. Halfway through, Lexie joined me on the bus, and I got to take her through the obstacles. All was fine, until the instructor touched her. She got off the bus to manage her tears, and rejoined the kids for the award ceremony.

The older kids had a great time. They started out with a few stretches and exercises.

Then, they got to do a few obstacle courses, with some music blaring in the background.

They finished off with a few rides on the zipline.
I have to say, the Gymagic bus was a success! Fun was had by all!

After the bus left, we had a picnic, cake, and fire. The kids ran around outside all day, and Lexie enjoyed some much needed girl time with her cousin.
The birthday boy wanted a dinosaur theme and loved his cake!
His brother, Brady (aka Big B), loved the cake as well!
Dylan was just frustrated that he was so itchy. Seems like the same rash he had last summer has made a comeback.

We heard there was going to be cake? Where's the cake?
Oh, the girls. Lexie and Aubrey showing their 'tudes at such a young age. The teenage years are going to be lovely.

Lexie's favorite giraffe had an unfortunate fall down the stairs. He still attempted to join the party. What's wrong with this picture? ;)
Lexie attempted to bring Baby B's birthday gift home. She couldn't sneak that one out!

It was a great party! We got there at 11:45 AM, and didn't leave until 11:30 PM! Lexie was so tired, that around 9 PM, she fell asleep on the floor while I was putting her pajamas on! Now that's a sign of a great party! Both kids stayed asleep in the car, and we successfully transferred them to their beds, once we got home. Phew!

*Rumor has it that my Patriots-loving Brother-In-Law found that his laptop had a new Steelers background on it. I most certainly was not behind that incident. I heard he LOVED the new picture! ;)

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  1. That is the coolest idea. The kids are all so cute.

  2. Sounds like fun!!! I wish we had a bus like that.

    P.S.-funny trick about the screensaver!

  3. MAN!! what a great idea! looks fun :)

  4. Okay, that bus is pretty amazing! I've never HEARD of something like that?! VERY UNIQUE!

    Glad y'all had fun at the party. =0)

  5. What a cute idea that bus is!!! Wow, I wouldn never imagined you could fit so much in there. Oh, and that has to be the hugest stuffed animal I have ever seen!

  6. O My Goodness! Is that bus ever Awesome! My little guy would absoluteylLOVE that! How cool!What a FUN party!

  7. Oh what a fun party, that bus is an awesome idea! The kids looked like they were having a wonderful time. How sweet about Lexie falling asleep and way to go on NOT changing the desktop bg, lol!


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