Our Five Ring Circus: A Fun Win!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Fun Win!

A few weeks ago, I was surprised to find out I won a giveaway over at Carebear's blog, Not Quite a Fairytale...Beauty and the Little Beast. I really wasn't expecting to win, considering I never win anything, and in all honesty, forgot I entered until she emailed me that I won!
Last week, I received the package in the mail. As soon as I opened it up, it smelled like heaven, thanks to the cheesecake scented candles! There were so many wonderful goodies in the box!

I immediately put one of the candles in a candle holder. I keep it on my window sill in the kitchen, so I can catch whiffs of it while I'm doing the dishes.

The sharpies have been hidden away, so my budding little Picasso doesn't decorate the house with them. The chocolate covered pretzels were delicious, and the Seattle Chocolate was scrumptious! Really..the dark chocolate cherry pecan one was amazing! I haven't tried the Chocolate truffle bar yet. The bracelet is beautiful, and perfectly matches a new dress I just bought. The KY massage oils have been set aside, to be used at a later date! ;) Lexie loves the flower clip. Right now, she is anti-headband, but she asks to wear the clip every day!

Thanks so much, Carebear! I love everything!

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  1. That's awesome! I LOVE those 100 calorie chocolate covered pretzels ... yummy!

  2. Woo-hoo for you! Great prize package! :)

  3. How fun! Looks like a great prize.

  4. KY massage oils? I almost sprayed Dr Pepper out of my mouth as I was reading that part. What a funny thing to get from someone you've never met. ha ha ha

    Congrats on the win! Looks FUN.

  5. What a terrific giveaway! congrats :)

    And, I can't believe how big Lexie is getting. She looks so grown up :)

  6. Awesome!! I love candles, and treats to boot? Nice. I hope you are having an awesome weekend!

  7. So glad you like it - Lexie looks adorable in the flower clip! Hope you all are having a great summer!

  8. Cute giveaway! fun stuff and what an adorable little picture of your daughter!! :)


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