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Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday

This has not been a good week for us. I did crack a bit of a smile while writing this post, thanks to MckMama's weekly blog carnival.

While at the zoo on Monday, my children did not witness Orangutans wrestling (aka making out) or an otter licking it's...ahem...I'll stop there. I do not have photographic evidence of what the otter did.

Lexie did not throw a screaming fit while being weighed, measured, and examined, and then sit completely still and silent as she had blood taken. She is not, not, NOT a drama queen.

I most certainly did not pick up spilled mini marshmallows off of my floor, and put them into a bowl for my kids. I totally threw them away.

Lexie is not calling her new Tinkerbell doll, "Stinkybell."

While mailing my mortgage payment, Dylan did not ask me if I loved the man I was mailing my letter to. When I replied I was mailing our monthly payment to our mortgage company, he did not ask again, "But do you love him, Mommy? The man you send money to?"

I did not wake my kids up minutes before we had to leave, and give them their plates of waffles in the car. Of course I'd rather feed them at home than let them sleep!

While wearing a shorts/tee shirt pajama set, I did not get chilly, and pull on a fleece shirt and slipper boots. You know, because pants are impractical.

I am not always cold. I do not let the house get to 85 degrees before I kick on the AC.

I did not put Dylan to bed last night, covered in dirt.

We are not the proud new owners of a snail. SuperSnail is not it's name, and it is not gorging itself on all the nastiness in our Betta tank.

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  1. I'm so sorry about your cat! Losing a pet is SO hard!

  2. I'm always cold, too! I would be totally comfy in your house! My hubby might die, but I'd be great and probably wouldn't require my snuggy which is a must-have in my home. =0)

    Happy Monday!

  3. LOL at the mortgage payment one! That was great!

    SOOO sorry to hear about Mazzy...it's always hard losing a part of the family.

    LOVE the 4th of July pics! Looks like ya'll had fun!

  4. Hey, while you're sending money out to people that you don't love, send some my way! Oh wait --- hopefully you DO love me. j/k

    Yea, I think the make-up may have traumatized Cam, but it's better that he find out now, right? Now if I could just find that photo of him covered in make-up from when he got into it as a baby. That'd be priceless!!


  5. There's been many a night that Reagan has gone to bed dirty! Sometimes it's just not worth the fight!

  6. We never go to bed dirty around here either. And at the zoo this spring,I didn't have to avert my son's eyes as the zebras were getting to know each other rather well. =)

  7. Too funny! I would never feed my kiddos food off the ground either! And my boys never get in their beds at naptime or bedtime covered in dirt and who know what else! That is too funny about the mortgage payment! Kids can be hilarious sometimes!

  8. Since I developed diabetes, I always have cold hands and feet... sometimes I drive my hubby crazy because the only way to get them warm is to use the heating pad...even if it is 95 degrees! I hate running the air, because I hate closing the windows so I let it get unbearable before I turn on the AC. My poor hubby can be dripping with sweat and I say, I am fine...must be you:)

    And what a crack up about the mortgage payment. Might have to ask my dh that one when he sends out our next payment. LOL.

    Your little guys are ADORABLE!

    Thanks for stopping by Arts Chili Pepper. I enjoyed visiting your blog and hope we meet up again soon!

  9. the snail sounds like a great pet! Seriously! No parking, pooping, biting things, etc!

    I love what Dylan said about your mail...haha!

  10. I love the things kiddos say. If it weren't for mine, life would be drab most of the time.

    I am so sorry to read about losing a pet. Many condolences your way. That can be such a tough thing to go through...especially with young children.

    I DO NOT love my mortgage holder, either. Except for the fact that he is technically the reason I have a roof over my head.

  11. Oh, and I also meant to say thanks for cheering on our Tigers =)
    During the Stanley Cup playoffs and Championship series, my little guy did NOT route for both the Ducks and your Penguins instead of the Red Wings...because he likes ducks and penguins and has no idea what a "red wing" is supposed to be. It did NOT drive my husband nuts. =)

  12. Your children and horses are adorable! Any photos of the great dane? I had a female fawn named Blossom when I was growing up. I just love Great Danes.

  13. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. I do not feed my kids waffles in the car either. And I really do not love the man I have to send money to, that was too cute.

  14. A snail??? Love it. We just never know what we will get into with kids, huh? I love your blog design. The zoo thing cracked me up ;)

  15. Enjoyed your Not Me's! I hope your family heals quickly from your loss...so sorry.

  16. Geez. I dont even know what to comment on! The snail, or the marshmallows or the.. you get the idea! great one this time!!

  17. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for sharing. We start tomorrow. ”What would your children say?” Wednesday, I hope you can join in the fun.


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