Our Five Ring Circus: Dealing With My Elderly

Friday, July 31, 2009

Dealing With My Elderly

After the recent loss of our cat and Dylan's fish, we realized just how old our animals are getting. It really is a depressing though, considering they have been with us for as long as (or almost) Grant and I have been together.

Things in this already crazy household are getting a bit more difficult with the pets increasing ages. Now, our Giant is not really considered elderly. At 4 1/2 years old, she is, indeed, middle age for a Great Dane.

My chihuahua, Pepe, aka Mister Pepito Bismol (don't ask, I was young and stupid), was my belated high school graduation gift. Grant came into my life a few months after I got Pepe. He will be turning 11 on August 13th, and is really showing his age. He has the horrible chihuahua teeth and breath, and now has bladder problems. It's exhausting taking him out every hour...I feel like I'm potty training two kids!

Our cats are also getting up there in age. Cosette is the sister of Mazzy (our cat who just passed away) and is 9 1/2, and Baby Phat is now 8. Both of them are taking the recent loss of their buddy

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