Our Five Ring Circus: School Days

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

School Days

It's hard to believe, but Lexie's year in Kindergarten and Dylan's year in 2nd Grade is coming to an end!   This school year went by so quickly!

Dylan and Lexie were so excited when they woke up this morning, and realized that it's May.  That means they are done with school at the end of the month!

Over the past two weeks, we visited Lexie's school and Dylan's school for their Open Houses.  Both kids were so excited to show us around their classroom and show us what they have been working on!

First up was Lexie's Open House.  I think she was the most excited, because this was her first one!  She eagerly gave us a quick tour of her school, then showed us around her classroom.

 photo 001-10.jpg

I had to laugh, because it was like a high school reunion for me.  Her teacher and I graduated together, and while we were there, some parents from the PM class showed up, and they also graduated with us!

I was worried about Lexie going to Kindergarten, but she had a great year! She is so smart, funny, sweet, and polite. 

 photo 005-11.jpg
 photo 003-10.jpg
 photo 002-14.jpg
 photo 006-9.jpg

We're so proud of how hard she worked this year and how much she learned!

  photo 004-13.jpg

The following week, we attended Dylan's Open House.  His school is MUCH bigger, and it was very chaotic!  I have been in his school many times, but it was Grant's first time visiting.

We headed to Dylan's classroom so he could show us around, and Grant could meet his teacher.

  photo 023-15.jpg

Dylan loves school so much.  He has always been a very good student and the teacher's pet.   He works hard and he's just a really good kid.  It was evident how much he loves school by his excitement as he gave us the tour!

His teacher recorded interviews with each student, plus Dylan had a very touching newspaper project hanging in the hallway.  He basically wrote about how the most exciting moments in his life were his sisters' births and how his hero was his PapPap.  I admit, tears were involved!

 photo 024-15.jpg
 photo 025-17.jpg

Dylan is a great kid!

 photo 027-10.jpg
 photo 026-7.jpg
 photo 029-5.jpg

After we toured his classroom, Dylan gave us a tour of the rest of his classrooms.  We laughed as we realized for the first time that Grant had the same gym teacher and music teacher when he was in elementary school!  Grant, however, was a completely different student than Dylan!

Our last stop was in the indoor play area that they have set up in a classroom.  Dylan was so excited to let his sisters play in there with him!

 photo 030-8.jpg
 photo 031-11.jpg
 photo 032-5.jpg

Dylan had a great year in 2nd grade, and we're so proud of him!

 photo 028-8.jpg

Summer vacation will be here soon, and this school year will be a distant memory.  We are so grateful for awesome teachers that encourage their love of learning! 

When they return in the Fall, Lexie will be in school ALL day, Dylan will be in 3rd grade, and they will have another sibling!  Big changes for everybody!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your kids are just so cute. Love the girls' outfits. Your son has the most beautiful eyes, he reminds me of an older version of my son lol

  2. Congrats on a successful school year. Your Dylan is such a gem -- how sweet that he picked his PapPap as his hero (ps does that say he is the mayor of mars on the report???).

  3. Dylan's article was so sweet! Your kids are just precious!

  4. You must be so, so proud! What a sweet little lady you have--and what great pics, as always. All of you children are adorable!

  5. Ewww, meal worms!! I have a love/hate relationship with those little critters. ;0) I had the same teachers that my dad had too!

  6. It's always bittersweet when the little ones graduate from their classes. We have one graduating preschool and our last will be entering next year. Your children are so beautiful!

  7. Awh Dylan that was so sweet! So precious! Can't believe I've "known" you sense he was in kindergarten! Wow 3rd grade!

  8. I can't believe school is almost over! The year flew by! Your girls are always dressed so cute. Chase and Dylan have the same sports necklace.

  9. Big changes indeed! I love my kids school too, they've had wonderful teachers to guide them.

    How fun to live in the same area you grew up in and see old friends and their kids.

    I don't live where I grew up, but I've been here 10 years now so I know a lot of people and it's great to run into old friends :)

  10. I love school open houses, it is such a neat way to see what the kids are like when we arent around. You must be so proud of Lexie and Dylan!

  11. Congratulations to both of them! :)

  12. Yea for a good school year! It is always so fun to go to open houses and see all that they have accomplished.

  13. Your kiddos are super cute Stefanie! Isn't it crazy how fast the school year goes? For us the end of the school year is the 3rd week of December right before Christmas and it starts back again at the start of February. Looks like your kids were happy to have you there!

  14. Can't believe it's the end of the School Year already!

  15. Oy, it does fly right by! Dylan reminds me so much of my boy. I literally laughed out loud that G was a much different student though!!


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