Our Five Ring Circus: Trendy Tot Tuesday

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

I am linking up with Megan, Kelly, and Lindsay for Trendy Tot Tuesday!

We are enjoying GORGEOUS Spring weather here in Pittsburgh.  It's sundresses and sandals weather, and I love it!!!  Summer is coming!


Lily wears a dress almost every day when the weather is warm.  They are cute, and easy for her to move around in!

 photo 052-9.jpg
 photo 015copy.jpg

Dress:  MudPie
Sandals: Cherokee (Target)


Lexie loves skorts and shirts for school.  Her outfits are comfortable, but still look dressy, which is what she prefers! She can easily go from class to playground without an outfit change!

 photo 054-13.jpg

Shirt and Skirt:  Circo (Target)
Sandals:  Bare Hugs


I knew it was coming, but he held off for SO long.  Now Dylan is all about sporty clothing.  Adidas, Puma, and Nike it is!

 photo 074-3.jpg

Shirt and Shorts:  Adidas (If you have a Costco nearby, they have tons of these shirts and shorts!)

{Baby #4}

I keep finding amazing clearance deals on baby girl items!  Although I do not know what I'm having, I am set.  If I don't have a baby girl to wear all these adorable items, my awesome friend IS having a baby girl a few weeks after me.  So I have no problem dishing out a dollar or two on some cute things!  I mean, really, how could I resist these for $1.50 each?!? 

 photo IMAG5749.jpg


  1. Love these trendy tot Tuesday posts!! So cute!

  2. Love all their styles. I agree dresses are so much easier to move around in :)

  3. WOW 1.50 on those, yes!

    Cute as always

  4. So cute! I'm going to keep my little girl in a dress as long as I can!

  5. Love Dylan in his sports wear! I can see you're starting to gear up for the baby :) So cute!

  6. I love that Mudpie outfit! Super cute:) Hope you check out our BIG Mother's Day giveaway here, it's a fun one: http://www.thechirpingmoms.com/2013/05/the-great-mothers-day-giveaway.html


  7. Loooove them all - Lily's dress is prob my fav and love Lexi's posing :)

  8. I'm glad you're having good weather - it's been cold and rainy here for days!

    Those baby items are so cute!

  9. Your children are so adorable! And well dressed! Congrats on soon-to-be baby #4!!

  10. Your girls are always dressed SO CUTE! Makes me so excited for Mia to keep growing so that I can play dress up with her :)
    1.50?! Nice! The pink is my FAVORITE (no surprise there, right? Ha!)

  11. So cute! Elly has the same skirt that Lexie is wearing. Gotta love Target!

  12. You are always finding such great deals! I love the socks!

  13. Those newborn sets are pretty irresistible!


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