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Monday, May 6, 2013


Once we found out we were becoming a family of six (!!!), we knew one of the things we had to do before baby was trade in our SUV for something larger.   Our Equinox has been paid off for a few years, and served us well, but we needed something that seated more than 5 people!

Originally, we hadn't planned on trading in until late August, but our plans quickly changed.  When I took our 8 year old Equinox into the dealership to get inspected on Wednesday, we found out we needed to get $800 worth of repairs done.   We decided at that point to just trade it in!

Luckily, Grant's family owns a dealership, and his Uncle Scott works for GM, so we were able to get things moving quickly.  They basically asked us what we wanted and did all the work for us. Luckily, we had driven a Traverse around for a month as a rental, so we knew we loved it.  All I had to do was show up today to sign a few papers!

I have a feeling it's just my crazy pregnancy hormones, but I do admit, I got sentimental as I was getting ready to climb in the Equinox for the last time.  That car drove around an infant Dylan, and we brought Lexie and Lily home from the hospital in it!  I may have even shed a few tears as I drove it for the last time! I mean, who does that when they're getting a brand new car?!?

 photo IMAG5741.jpg

In the end, I was able to walk away from it, and I am thrilled with our new Traverse!  It has so many awesome features and I love the color!  The best feature is the fact that it seats 8, so there is plenty of room for our soon-to-be large family.  Plus? We can even squeeze a few friends in there!

 photo 071-5.jpg

As much as I loved our Equinox, I have a feeling this car is going to be perfect for us!

It's funny how things worked out.  We drove one of these before it was even out on the market.  His Uncle Scott gets to drive around all the new cars before they are even sold, so we took it for a test drive.  We loved it then!  Grant and I both said that we wanted one of them one day in the future!  Little did we know that we would be getting one to fit our FOUR kids!!!


  1. Oh how lucky are you that car buying is so easy!! Thankfully my husband is the master negotiator so we get a great deal but he also spends about 3-4 hours doing it! ugh

    Fun car!

  2. Hey! I have a question! We are still looking to get a new car! Could you take pictures of the inside of your new car for me and send them to my email so I can see if there is enough room for 6 kids in the back! Thanks!

  3. Perfect for your family! Congrats!


  4. Aw I can understand being sad over the car you traded in. That's a lot of memories!! I love the Traverse though! As soon as I saw your post on Instagram I looked it up. Ha! Now i want one!! :) Hope y'all enjoy it!!

  5. We have a Traverse, too - I LOVE IT!!!! Ours is the black color with shimmer in it - is that what yours is? Hard to tell in the photo...

  6. Cute new car! I've been so against an suv, don't ask why, but I'm realizing it may be in our future. Sure our jetta is plenty big but the trunk space...yeah, I used to think it was big until I had Mackenzie. I'll think it's worthless when there are two kids. :)

  7. I'm thinking about getting a Traverse as well, so its nice to hear your feedback. I currently have an Equinox.

  8. I get hopelessly sentimental over letting go of my old cars!! And the way the last one ended was way hard on me. As much as I absolutely love the Forester and always wanted one, I still get all teary when I see an Altima on the road or look at old pictures. The Traverse looks great - congratulations!!!


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