Our Five Ring Circus: Memorial Day Weekend

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

I love Memorial Day weekend!  It's the "official" start to summer, and usually packed with birthday parties and picnics and fun with friends!

The weather didn't really cooperate on Memorial Day, but we had a great weekend!

On Saturday, Lexie and I did some shopping, then our friends came over, and we had tacos and root beer floats.  Dylan ended up spending the night at their house and Grant and I had a relaxing evening after the girls fell asleep. 

On Sunday, we celebrated my great-niece Aubrey's 7th Birthday with a Fiesta!  I absolutely adore Aubrey.  She is the sweetest little girl.  She spends an hour at our house every day after school, and I'm going to be watching her all summer.  Lexie is thrilled!

 photo 018-18.jpg
 photo 021-10.jpg
 photo 033-16.jpg
 photo 041-9.jpg
 photo 058-6.jpg
 photo 055-8.jpg
 photo 061-7.jpg
 photo 037-12.jpg

We had a great time with my crazy family!  Lexie had a sleepover at Aubrey's house, and after our kids were in bed, Grant and I started watching Season 4 of Arrested Development.

The weather on Memorial Day was cool and rainy, so our pool party/picnic was moved indoors.  Grant had a lot of work to catch up on, so he went into the office for a few hours.  As soon as he got home, we drove to our friends' house for the picnic. 

Dylan ran off with the group of boys, so he was barely seen all day.  Lexie took a 3 hour nap thanks to her exhausting birthday party/sleepover the day before.  Lily had a great time running around with her toddler buddies, and, well, eating.  The men disappeared into another room, and us moms sat around the living room and talked.

 photo 075-4.jpg
 photo 067-4.jpg
 photo 078-7.jpg
 photo 081-4.jpg
 photo 068-10.jpg
 photo 071-6.jpg
 photo 094-3.jpg
 photo 093-5.jpg
 photo 096-9.jpg
 photo 097-7.jpg

We had a great time with our friends, but soon, it was time to leave!  It was, after all, a school night!

It was a great Memorial Day weekend!


  1. That is so nice that your niece will be with you all summer. We are excited to be near family again too. Looks like a fun weekend despite the weather!~

  2. I just love the wig! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. They all look so cute and patriotic!

  4. Sounds like a perfect memorial day weekend! glad you had a good time

  5. Love the girls outfits.. very cute! Glad ya'll had a nice weekend.

  6. the outfits are TOO cute! fun recap and you guys seem like you're always on the go, doing fun things :) love that!!

  7. I love the red, white and blue outfits! It looks like a wonderful day! Hope al is well!

    Mama Hen

  8. You guys have the best weekends! always full of friends and family! love it!


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