Our Five Ring Circus: Epic Catch Up

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Epic Catch Up

I have fallen a bit behind!  With, well, everything in life, including my 365 project!  I have managed to take pictures everyday, but life is so busy right now that time gets away from me.  Before I knew it, weeks 16, 17, and 18 passed and I failed to document it. 

The past 3 weeks have been good!  Morning sickness is still a daily struggle, but I'm not stuck on the couch or in bed, like I was in January and February.  Spring has arrived, so we have been spending lots of time outside. We walk several mornings a week at trail at a local park, we stop at the playground after school for playdates, we have lots of picnics and dinners with our friends, we have been shopping a lot for summer clothes,  and we have been logging in many hours at the ball field, watching Dylan play baseball.  We bought a bigger SUV, and preparation for this little one that is growing like crazy, is in full force.  The kids only have 3 weeks (!!!) of school left.  We are looking forward to a fun summer spent with family and friends, and it will conclude with the birth of our newest love!

So...life is really good.  Busy!  But good!

And now for the LONGEST POST EVER!  I only wrote down the first few days, and then stopped.  So the rest of the days will just have snippets!


April 16th

I wasn't feeling too well (I have so many of those days right now), so Lexie and I skipped storytime at the library.  After Dylan got home from school, we got all their homework done, then I took him to baseball practice.  The girls had a great time playing at the park while he practiced. Once home, we ate dinner and got the kids to bed.

 photo 034-11.jpg
 photo 025-18.jpg
 photo 013-11.jpg

April 17th

My morning with Lily was spent at home.  We picked Lexie up from Kindergarten, then came home for lunch.  We had just sat down to eat our soup, when Grant called to ask me to pick our friend's son up at school, because his ride forgot him.  We jumped in the car, drove back to Lexie's school, rescued Jack, and brought him back to our house for lunch until his mom was able to pick him up.  I took Lexie to gymnastics, and while she was in class, I picked up a few groceries.  I watched the last part of her class, then we headed home to take pictures for a review that I was doing.  That evening, we met Grant at Lexie's school for her Open House.  She was so proud to show us around her school, show us her work,  and give us a tour of her classroom.  I love that girl so much! Next, we went to our friends' house for dinner.  It was so nice to sit outside and eat dinner with our awesome friends!  We headed home later than we usually would on a school night, but it was okay, because the kids had a pre-scheduled 2 hour delay the following morning!
 photo 004-13.jpg
 photo 006-9.jpg
 photo 009-11.jpg

April 18th

I had hoped that the kids would sleep in.  They are the kind of kids that happily sleep late...but not when we have the opportunity!  It was still nice to have a relaxing, lazy morning thanks to the delay!  Plus, it was absolute gorgeous outside.  Warm and summer-like!  After the kids went to school, Lily and I met Amber, Tracy, and Tracy's toddlers at the park for a walk.  After the first lap, we took a break at the playground to let the kids play, then we finished our second lap.  I headed straight to the school to pick up Lexie.  We spent the afternoon at home.  My great-niece, Aubrey, got dropped off at our house after school, then Dylan came home.  We got all the homework done, then the kids played until Aubrey got picked up.  An hour later, we headed to our friends' house for dinner.  We ended up leaving early, because Lily is getting her 2 year molars, and was getting cranky! 

  photo IMAG5414.jpg
 photo IMAG5436.jpg
 photo 014-14.jpg
 photo 019-7.jpg

April 19th

This day was just horrible.  The most exciting part was the fact that I was officially 20 weeks pregnant!  We spent the afternoon visiting my parents. I left to get Aubrey off her bus and Dylan off his bus, then took them up to visit my parents, too.  After dinner, I dropped Aubrey off, then the kids and I returned home. Grant was hanging out with some of his friends, so we were on our own. The kids watched a few episodes on TV while I got a lot of cleaning done.  Lexie fell asleep on the couch, Lily fell asleep in Dylan's arms, and Dylan stayed up late with me!

 photo 050-11.jpg
 photo 001-11.jpg
 photo 012-12.jpg

April 20th

Dylan had baseball practice in the early afternoon. It was FREEZING! Our friends came over for dinner and Lexie slept over Aubrey's house.

 photo IMAG5454.jpg
 photo 015-10.jpg
 photo 016-6.jpg

 April 21st

Another afternoon spent at the ball field! Grant's mom and brother met us there for a visit while Dylan practiced.  The girls had a great time playing with their dad and uncle while Grant's mom and I sat and talked.

 photo 021-9.jpg
 photo 026-8.jpg
 photo 033-15.jpg

April 22nd

The day was mostly spent at home, after picking Lexie up from school.  I officially started getting my great niece off the bus at my house everyday.  She is in a neighboring school district, but her bus passes my driveway.  She will come here everyday after school, and stay for about an hour.

 photo 001-12.jpg
 photo 005-12.jpg
 photo 010-7.jpg
 photo 016-7.jpg


Most days we walked in the morning and stopped at the park after school!

April 23rd

Storytime at the library and baseball that evening!

 photo 004-14.jpg
 photo 001-13.jpg

April 24th

Gymnastics after school!

 photo 022-13.jpg
 photo 011-9.jpg
 photo 010-8.jpg

April 25th

That evening, we went to Dylan's Open House at his school!  He was so excited to give us the tour!

 photo 028-8.jpg
 photo 026-7.jpg
 photo 035-11.jpg

April 26th

I had an OB appointment in the morning.  We spent the afternoon visiting my parents.  My mom, Lily, and I ran to Costco to stock up on some stuff.  After having dinner at my parent's house, we headed home for the night.  It was a sad day, though.  We found out that our sweet elderly neighbor had passed away after a horrible accident in which a train hit the bus she was riding on.
 photo 047-9.jpg
 photo 038-10.jpg
 photo 001-14.jpg

April 27th

We had a crazy day!!!  It started at 8 AM for Dylan's Opening Day parade and ceremony for baseball.  We returned home for a bit, then headed back to the fields for team photos and his first baseball game.  It was a beautiful day!  That evening, we went to Charlie's 2nd Birthday party.  From the party, my friend, Amber, and I headed to Pittsburgh to go to Art All Night, which is a yearly art show.  We were there until 12:30, but decided to stop and get something to eat.  It was a great night with a great friend, and we didn't get home until 2 AM!

 photo 032-4.jpg
 photo 007-9.jpg
 photo 064-7.jpg
 photo 133-2.jpg

April 28th

We had a quiet day at home after our crazy week!

 photo 146-2.jpg

 photo 144-3.jpg
 photo 149-4.jpg

April 29th

Another day at home, other than a walk and park visit.

 photo 012-13.jpg
 photo 005-13.jpg
 photo 009-12.jpg


April 30th

I met Amber at the park for a morning walk.  After picking Lexie up from school, we stopped by the library, then had a playdate at the park with my friend Steph and her daughter, Lily.   The rest of the day was spent at home.

 photo 020-8.jpg
 photo 007-11.jpg
 photo 011-10.jpg
 photo 017-14.jpg
 photo 018-14.jpg

May 1st

I took our SUV in to get inspected, and found out that it needed a lot of work done in order to pass. We were planning on getting a bigger SUV to fit the baby this summer anyway, so we decided to start the process in getting a new SUV instead of repairing our old SUV.  I picked Lexie up from Amber's house, we had a quick lunch, then I took her to gymnastics.  The rest of the day was spent at home.

 photo 042-6.jpg
 photo 040-6.jpg
 photo 022-14.jpg
 photo 026-9.jpg

May 2nd

I met Amber for a morning walk.  After picking Lexie up, I took the girls to the park to play.  We ended up running into Amber and Jack there, so the kids played for a while.  That evening, Dylan had a baseball game.  My dad ended up coming with us to that one to watch him play.  

 photo 065-5.jpg
 photo 055-7.jpg
 photo 053-11.jpg

May 3rd

Walked with Amber that morning.  Visited my parents that afternoon and had dinner with them.  Shortly after getting home, I drove Dylan to a friend's house for a sleepover, and Aubrey and Lexie had a sleepover at my house.  I was feeling pretty horrible, so I headed to bed early.  It was not a good night for me.  I tossed and turned all night, and got really sick.

 photo 081-3.jpg
 photo 002-15.jpg
 photo 004-15.jpg

May 4th

Grant and I were awake at 6 AM.  It was nice though, because we got to spend some quiet time talking, and he got to feel the baby kicking like crazy.  Later that morning, after Aubrey headed home, Grant and Dylan went shopping for a new mower.  I spent the afternoon in bed, because I was still feeling really sick.  Dylan was supposed to have a game, but it got canceled.  That evening, we had dinner at our friend's house. The night didn't end well.  Shortly after returning home, I fell asleep. I awoke to Lexie crying in the bathroom, saying she had dirt on her arm.  It wasn't dirt.  Her hair was matted with puke.  And when I went to her room, it was an absolute nightmare.  I spent an hour cleaning her bed, floors, furniture, and walls, and doing laundry.  Just as I finished, Dylan ran out and puked.  Both kids camped out on blankets in the hallway by the bathroom.  

 photo 012-14.jpg
 photo 011-11.jpg
 photo 010-9.jpg

May 5th

It was a surprisingly quiet night.  I'm fairly certain that it was something they ate, because they didn't get sick again, and woke up feeling great! That afternoon, Lily and I did some shopping while the kids and Grant did yard work.  We returned home, Lily napped, and I helped Grant finish the yard.  From there, we headed to a fun Cinco de Mayo party.  It was a fun night!

 photo 018-15.jpg
 photo 052-9.jpg
 photo 066-6.jpg

May 6th

New car day!!!  I dropped Lily off at Grant's mom's house, picked Lexie up early from school, and we headed to the dealership.  We LOVE our new SUV so much!!!

 photo 071-5.jpg
 photo 074-3.jpg
 photo 077-4.jpg
 photo 085-4.jpg


  1. You've done so good with your updates! I love looking at your pictures and I love how close your kids seem to be!! How are you liking the Traverse? We are going to be car shopping this summer and can't decide what we want especially bc I refuse to drive a van lol we have a Pilot now and it just doesn't seem to be roomy enough for 3 kids let alone 4 when we have Lily.

  2. It's been great watching them grow over the years. Amazing isn't it? :)

  3. Seriously epic post! LOVE your pictures!

  4. Oh how exciting, congrats on the new car, I guess you need more room for all those car seats :)

    I love Lily's shirt with all the cute flowers across the neckline, so sweet.

  5. Man, you're good! I feel ya.. I am trying my best to keep up with my blog, but I've been slacking on keeping up with everyone else's. I love your new ride!

  6. Hi Stefanie!
    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi as your newest follower. I love that you spell your name that way - my mom's middle name :)

    You are an inpiration (with a 4th on the way!) to a new mom like me...

    I am also a SAHM to my sweet 6month old, Ava. Hope you'll stop by my blog sometime and follow along :)
    Keep up the great blogging!

    All the Best,

    Christina @ The McGuire Family


  7. I love all the pictures of Lily with the dog. So cute! Your new car looks great. You sure have been busy with so many fun things. Hope all is well!

    Mama Hen

  8. How cute are you guys!! I'm glad you're feeling better, that makes all the difference!!

    xoxo Jamie

  9. you are SO wonderful at documenting all of life's little moments with those adorable kiddos :) they will appreciate it so much one day!

    Love all of the outdoor, park pics! Y'all are outside a lot like we are!!!

  10. Oh, the molars are mean. Jackson is getting them too, and his is a mess! I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbor :(

  11. This is a long post...I love all the pictures! I'm impressed at how well you seem to capture your days.

  12. Yep, that was long! You're keeping up way better than I am!!


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