Our Five Ring Circus: Trendy Tot Tuesday-Patriotic Style

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday-Patriotic Style

I am linking up with Megan, Kelly, and Lindsay for Trendy Tot Tuesday!

I love dressing my kids for holidays.  I also love items that they can wear again!  Dylan, Lexie, and Lily all wore their outfits from last summer for Memorial Day yesterday.  I'm really glad we got some more wear out of them!


 photo 088-8.jpg
 photo 085-5.jpg

Ruffle Romper:  Girls Crochet Headbands
Headband and flower clip:  Girls Crochet Headbands
Shoes:  Stepping Stones


 photo 095-7.jpg

Dress (with matching headband, not shown): Savannah


 photo 074-4.jpg

Shirt: Sonoma (Kohl's)
Shorts: Carter's


  1. Adorable, all of them. I need to do better at this but usually we're at the pool on holidays so there's not a lot of clothes going on :)

  2. Such cute outfits! I also love when Mackenzie can wear outfits two seasons in a row....I'm obsessed with buying her cloths a size bigger....too bad she is growing too fast. :)

  3. I love that romper!!! I still cant get over how grown up Lexie looks!!!

    Miss you all, hope to see you soon!!!

  4. I love dressing for holidays, too... altho, we went the ON flag shirt route this weekend since we were camping. I LOVE Lily's romper! Lexie is cute, too! Dylan looks good, too! I need a shirt like that for Nathan, its harder to dress boys I think for some holidays the older they get!

  5. they are looking so cute! I love Dylan's hair cut

  6. They are all so stylin! Love Lexie's hair!! Lily's outfit is adorable!

  7. I love the patriotic outfits! the ruffled romper is so adorable.

  8. I love dressing up my daughter for the holidays! Although I didn't do it yesterday-mom fail! But I love how patriotic they look!

  9. OMG! how do you get them to agree to match? I love it....my kids wont do it even if I pay them, haha. They look adorable

    Claudia @ www.prettylittledahlia.com

  10. Too fun, love the way they are coordinated!

  11. Oh the style these three have! You do a great job finding the cutest clothes!!


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