Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday is my day to remember all the cute and funny things my kids say and do!  I haven't done one of these in a while!


-He told me, "Mommy when I grow up and get rich, I'm going to buy you a big house!"

-He has a great imagination, and loves to dress up as something different everyday.  Before playing outside one day, he suggested to Lexie, "Let's pretend to be cool guys!"  And later..."Let's pretend to be rich guys!"


-She sings, "Ba Ba Bap Sheep, have you any wool???"

-I gave Lexie new paintbrushes that are filled with paint.  She responded, "Well, this is cool.  It's really creative."

-Lexie likes Kesha's music, much to our dislike.  The other day, she asked me if I liked Kesha.  I responded that she was okay.  Lexie's response was, "Yeah, she's bad because she drinks alcohol, but she's kind of fine, too."


-Every time the Wii home screen comes on, Lily stops what she's doing, whips her head toward the TV,  widens her eyes, and shouts out, "Oooooooooo! Oooooooooo!  Ooooooooo!"

-When Lily sees a dog, she immediately says, "Woof!  Woof!"  It's so cute, because when she "barks" her eyebrows shoot up and she does a little bounce.  Of course, she woofs at our snake and cat, too!

-As soon as she hears music, she starts bouncing up and down!  It's so cute!

No post would be complete without pictures.  Dylan and Lexie have photobombing down to a fine art!



  1. Cute sayings! They sure do have photo bombing down :)

  2. So cute! Love the photo bombs!

  3. That last picture of Lily is just too cute. Love the photo bombing. So funny!!

    Buddy and Buster like to play pretend "guys" too. It always cracks me up.

  4. Do you write these down or just remember them? Kaylin is hillarious but when I try to remember her cuteness, I always come up blank.

  5. Bwahahaha. Lovin' the photo bombing.

  6. Precious! I love to listen to Tik Tok while walking on the treadmill, I must admit :) I'm sure it's named something else though! HA!

  7. I bet Lily woofing is the cutest thing ever!

  8. I love when babies dance. It's the cutest!


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