Our Five Ring Circus: Home Again

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home Again

We are back from our mini-vacation, and I am really missing this place:


BUT..it was time to come home. 

It didn't go quite as planned.  Lily ended up sick the entire time!

The day before we left, she started to run a low fever.  I didn't think anything of it, and just chalked it up to teething.  When we woke her up at 3 AM to put her in the car, she was burning up.  She ran a 101-103 degree fever the entire time we were at the beach!  On the morning of the day we left, she woke up fever free, and was covered in a bright red rash. 


It's strange, because Lexie had it when she was just 2 weeks older than Lily.  It didn't even cross my mind until I saw the rash!

Lily is typically a wonderful baby.  She doesn't cry, will let anybody hold her, and easily goes with the flow.  She was so sick, that she cried every single time I sat her down or walked away.  She wanted nothing to do with the sand or swimming, which she absolutely loves. All she wanted to do was sleep or cuddle against me.  I was stressed out, and felt terrible, because we went on vacation with our good friends, and I felt like she was ruining their fun, too. My sweet friend assured me that even at her sickest, she is better than most babies, but still...talk about bad timing!!!

Once home, I immediately took her to the doctor.  She had some questionable blood work  recently, and has an appointment with a hematologist, so her pediatrician wanted to see her.  She confirmed that she did have roseola, and that it looked as if her ear may have been infected, but had cleared up on it's own. 

She is feeling much better now, thank God!  My sweet, happy, content baby is returning, and the ugly rash is fading!


Despite Lily's illness, we still managed to enjoy our vacation!  Lily was attached to me the entire time, so I only took 850 pictures. ;)  We are looking forward to a healthier beach vacation next year!


  1. I'm glad to hear that you were able to enjoy your vacation even though Lily was sick. :)

  2. Oh I'm so sorry! Poor little Lily :( I hope her blood work starts coming back good - how stressful!

  3. Poor baby girl and poor Mommy! She is absolutely adorable and growing so fast!!

  4. Bummer about the timing! Glad she's feeling better. Can't wait to see pics.

  5. Aww, poor Lily, and poor you! I'm glad she's feeling better.

    Where did you go to the beach?

  6. That had to have stink.. at least she is all better now. Nothing like seeing your baby sick.

  7. You only took 850 pictures. Hahahaha A2 has a new rash I noticed last night. Fever the day before. Hmmm I'm hoping its just heat rash but we pretty much live in the a/c!! Bah.

  8. What a fun trip! I was waiting to hear about it. Poor Lily but I am so glad you were still able to enjoy! She has to be the cutest girl I have ever seen! Her hair, those outfits. that smile- just adorable!


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