Our Five Ring Circus: A Few Things I've Learned This Summer

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Few Things I've Learned This Summer

{1} I hate running in the heat and humidity. Hate it. Within 5 minutes of running, I'm covered in sweat. The humidity is so high that it's practically impossible to breathe. I love to run, but it becomes a chore in the summer. I'm eagerly awaiting the cooler fall temperatures!

{2} I am not eagerly awaiting September. That's the start of the school year, and I'll officially have a Kindergartener. Dylan's excited, but I'm already sad about it! He is growing up too fast!

{3} Remember the snake that Grant acquired in May? We've learned to live comfortably with each other. I still don't want to hold him, and take no part in feeding him (thank God he doesn't eat live mice). But...he is kind of cute. And I have to say, he's super gentle and friendly. I will "pet" him, and I talk to him. I'm amazed at how social he is. He usually comes out of hiding to see me when I go into the room he's in. So, we like each other...from a distance!

{4} I hate to clean. Nevermind. I learned that a long time ago!

{5} When you have a large family and lots of friends, it's impossible to get anything done. We always have to be somewhere. I can't even recall the last free weekend we've had! Sadly, we don't have a free weekend in sight! And we need one. Badly. There's so much that needs done around the house!

{6} I stay up way too late. I need to get back on a "school" schedule!


  1. The heat and humidity is killing me this summer. All I have to do is walk outside and I am covered with a gross sticky film of sweat! And cleaning...what is cleaning:)

  2. Don't you stay up late even when on a school schedule?? Your comments/replies always come at an ungodly hour and we are in the same timezone. LOL

  3. humidity kills me too, I've been keeping my exercise indoors! when i load the boys up in the car, I'm covered in sweat-GROSS! We have busy weekends too, and yes, I have a very large, extended family! Awww Kindergarden? Dylan will love it, but I can't imagine when that day comes for me. BE TOUGH!

  4. First of all, were we twins separated at birth? No, wait, I'm 10 years older than you.

    Anyway, while RUNNING in the HUMIDITY this morning, I had the exact same post idea!!! I almost laughed out loud when I read yours!

    #1 ~ I HATE running in the humidity! I can't breathe!
    #2 ~ Although I am looking forward to school starting, my YOUNGEST is starting kindergarten so it is bittersweet!
    #3 ~ I felt the same way about our lizards. I didn't want to hold them, but I loved talking to them. It amazed me that they had personalities like puppies. However I DRAW THE LINE at snakes!
    #4 ~ I, too, hate to clean, which totally sucks for me since that's what I have been doing so much of this week!
    #5 ~ I am not getting anything done this summer, either, and my family lives four hours away! But, with my kids and their friends, and all the running around I do for them, I am still not getting anything done! My house is a constant pit!
    #6 ~ I. can't. wait. for. school. to. start. so. I. can. have. back. my. SCHEDULE !!!!!

    Great post! Remember you have a soul sister out here!

  5. You guys always sound like you're busy, but having FUN! :)

    And I still cannot believe that you have a snake in the house. I got goosebumps when you showed the pictures of the adorable hamster - then got nervous about the thought of the snake nearby!!

  6. humidity should be outlawed...or something!!
    and it seems like I am staying up super late too..must get back on schedule myself

  7. Love your story and friendship with the snake... ha! TO FUNNY! Humidity is awful. The heat makes it so miserable to go do anything in let alone run. Hope you get some free time soon. Have a great day! Jenn

  8. I stay up way too late too! Oh and running in the summer, oy! I go really early like between 6 and 7 and it's not SOOOO bad. Still hot but at least I don't look like I ran through a sprinkler five minutes into it.

  9. I hate humidity ... I wish it was hot, but not humid. I use my treadmill more in the summer due to the humidity.

  10. humidity has to be a fruit of the devil. i'm convinced.

    we start in august around here!

  11. I agree!! HATE working out in the humidity....its like teh air just slaps you in the face. Nasty!!

  12. I love where we live because there is like no humidity. Granted at times it's in the 100's so still hott, but I love not having humidity!

  13. Joel and I always say one nice thing about South Africa was not having any family obligations. On one hand, we were sad to miss so many events, but it was great having all the free time!

  14. i feel you in #1.. i have not attended some running events because of that :(

    oh also on #2.. i have been repeating this lines: time flies so fast! :(

    hope you'll be able to get some rest this weekend! you guys need it!



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