Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tidbits is my way of recording all the cute and funny things my kids say and do!

Lexie's nicknames all revolve around the word Bean. Recently, she began calling herself "Beans and Rice." It's absolutely hilarious! All you have to do is call her "Beans" and she oh-so-cutely adds, "and rice!"

Speaking of cuteness, Lexie was crouched on the floor examining a fly on the wall. She said, "It's nice to meet you Mr. Fly!"

On the 4th of July, we were at the town parade. The street was closed off, and we were waiting for it to begin. I walked into the street, turned around, and snapped a picture. Dylan screamed, "Mommy, get off the street! You're going to get hit by a car!" He really knows the rules!

After a busy day, both kiddos fell asleep in Dylan's bed!

Lexie loves telling knock knock jokes. Here's her favorite joke that she tells us over and over again:

"Knock Knock."
"Who's there?"
"The fridge."
"The fridge who?"
"Hims lost his tape!"
And then she cracks up.

Yeah, I don't get it either, but she sure thinks it's funny!

My kids recently started playing "The Freeze Game." One of them yells freeze, and they both make a funny face, throw their hands up, and freeze. It's so cute!

Lexie has been handing out a lot of compliments lately. Just today:
"Nina, you are a really great person!"
"Mommy, you look so beautiful."
"Daddy, you are really handsome!"

Dylan is just the sweetest, most loving kid. The other night, I went into his room while he was sleeping. As I was tiptoeing past the bed, his eyes opened. He didn't say a word, but at the sight of me, he smiled and his eyes lit up. It melted my heart so much, that I laid down next to him, and cuddled him back to sleep. The way he looked with those sleepy eyes and sweet smile will be forever etched in my memory!


  1. Ahhhh precious tuesday tidbits! That last one made me smile...how do they always know how to melt our hearts?!

  2. I love your little Beans & Rice - she makes me smile!

    And how sweet is it when kids play so hard they fall asleep like that? :)

  3. Beans and rice is awesome!!

    What a sweet story about Dylan. That made my eyes tear up.

  4. I love how you record the moments. I always think I will remember, and then don't.

  5. awwww!!!! your babies seem soooo sweet and adorable!!
    I love the beans.....and rice :)

  6. Your kids are so sweet! I love all of those, especially the little knock knock joke! My boys tend to make up jokes and funny sayings too. I don't always get them, but we sure do get a good laugh out of watching them laugh. :)

  7. Ilove your Tuesday Tidbits ... they are too precious!

  8. "The beans and rice didn't miss her"- Baby Got Back

    I love that story about Dylan. The boy loves his mam!!

  9. I love the picture of them resting together!

    I love about how Dylan was so sweet when you went in to check on him. What a precious boy!

  10. So Dylan finally got a sleep over with Lexie on the 4th! Your kids make me laugh every time I read your blog! So cute!

  11. You have two really adorable cuties there. :) I love these tidbits posts that you do so much!

  12. I LOVE reading your Tuesday tidbits! You kids are just adorable!!!

  13. Awhhhhh those are so sweet and cute!!

  14. I love recording cute things they say and do on the blog! I love that she calls herself beans and rice. :)

  15. Okay, first of all "HI!!!" Remember me? Sorry I've been outta pocket!

    Secondly, your kids will someday hate you for posting that picture! Do it now while you still can. ha ha ha

    And thirdly, Dylan sounds so much like Cam. Cam is still that way at 13, so I bet Dylan will stay that way. Cam will still see me pass by his room and in his half-asleep voice say "MOM" so I go back in and he give me a hug and kiss as he's drifting back off to la-la land. So sweet. I hope he never outgrows kisses for mom.

    Take care my friend! {{hugs}}

  16. awww these are so priceless! :) "It's nice to meet you Mr. Fly!" Really cute!!! And the last one, thats really heart-melting! :)


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