Our Five Ring Circus: Hello Thirty!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hello Thirty!

I never expected my thirtieth birthday to be one of my best birthdays ever!

The funny thing is, nothing that exciting happened. It was just a lot of little things that added up, and made it awesome!

My birthday fell right in the middle of one of my favorite holidays. The weather was absolutely stunning. It was sunny and over 90 degrees in the sun! I was showered with love, and surrounded by those I love most.

I didn't have a surprise party. I didn't drink. I didn't go out to dinner or do anything special. But it was enough.

I woke up to Grant singing to me, text messages on my phone, tons of postings on my facebook wall, and a birthday note on my back door from Benno. He ran 15 miles in the middle of the night, just to leave that note. The amount of love I received was overwhelming.

My day was so normal. I took my kids to an overcrowded Easter Eggtravaganza. They had a blast, which made me happy! I went grocery shopping with my mom and Lexie. We spent the afternoon on my parent's deck, enjoying the summer-like weather. My mom cooked dinner for me, my parents and kids sang to me, and we ate some birthday cupcakes. I spent the evening at home, with Grant and the kids. They gave me so many wonderful gifts and gave me an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. They sang to me again. My kids sang "Happy Birthday" to me all day. I tried my hardest to memorize those sweet, little voices. After the kids were in bed, I watched a movie (New Moon...hey, it is my birthday!) with Grant.

It may not be an ideal birthday to most, but it was the perfect day for me!

Thirty is no different than 25...or 26...or 27...or 28...0r 29... that number doesn't even bother me. Isn't it the goal of many to make it to another birthday? I can't fight the aging process, so I choose to embrace it.

I felt so blessed as I blew out the three candles on my cake tonight...one for each decade I've lived. I am loved and surrounded by those I love most. What could be any better than that?


  1. glad you had a great bd!!

    you deserve it
    Happy Easter to you guys!!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day. I am with you on the age is no different ( for now ) and choose to embrace it. We can't change it, we can't get younger and with age I feel like my life only gets better!!!

    I am glad you had a great birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday! 30 was my favorite too!

  4. How happy for you! Happy Birthday and nice meeting your blog ;)

  5. Awesome. I'm so glad you had a nice birthday!

  6. Sounds wonderful. Happy Birthday, Stef!

  7. Also, LOL at Benno. That guy just can't sit still, can he!?

  8. So glad you had a great birthday! Nothing better than hearing your kids wish you a happy birthday! You may not THINK 30 is bad...but just wait until next year. LOL!

  9. Happy belated Birthday!! XOXOX love your sweet blog!

  10. How fun that our birthdays are so close together! Mine is on April Fool's Day (and I've got a few years on you...ha!). Glad you had such a great birthday....it's amazing how it doesn't take much to make us happy on our birthdays the older we get...I just love spending it with my kids and hubby and lunch with my friends. Happy Belated! :)


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