Our Five Ring Circus: 6 Signs I'm Losing It

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

6 Signs I'm Losing It

I'm losing it. Really. I am.

I have a fabulous long-term memory. I can look at any object in my house-a toy, an item of clothing, a book-and know exactly who it was from, or where and when it was bought. It's my special (needless) skill. I can remember birthdays and special dates and school events and practices.

Everything else? Losing it.

Here's proof:

1. This weekend, I lost my car for the first time ever. I was all alone, running errands. When I walked out of Target, I stopped in my tracks, and realized that I had no idea where my car was. The panic (and mortification) set in. I refused to call more attention to myself by hitting the panic button and following the sounds, so I quietly walked up and down several aisles of cars until I found mine.

2. I saw a cute sports sign that I thought would look great in Dylan's room, so I bought it. I came home to find out that I had already bought the same sign a few weeks earlier!

3. I lose my keys in my purse all. the. time. Today, I searched for them before I left a store, only to find that they were...............................................sitting on the counter, next to my purse, the entire time I was searching.

4. I bought myself two shirts, went home, and realized that I forgot to use the gift card that I had intended to use to buy them.

5. I paid $50 for a pair of capris today. $50 for a pair of short pants. Enough said. (Okay, not done yet...at least they were paid for with a gift card.)

6. After all the blowout incidents that Lexie had during her issues last year, I should have known better than to stop taking a change of clothes with me. I just slacked off, considering that she's been fully potty trained since she was 2 1/2. Today, Lexie had a blowout of epic proportions at the park. Blowout+portapotty+no wipes+no sink+ no change of clothes=MAJOR problem. Solution? Put her in a diaper borrowed from my best friend's 10 month old until we got home! A change of clothes and wipes have been placed in the car. Lesson learned.

I'm going to blame this on insomnia. Sleeplessness makes sane people do crazy things.


  1. You are not alone with many of these, especially the car thing and keys. Do it all the time.

    Posted an award for you on my blog. Please swing by and check it out when you get a chance.


  2. I think I've done every single one of those things, except for the sign thing. That's pretty darn funny! Did you read my brain-loss post this week? Seems like it's that time of year for us all!

  3. I would like to think this is pretty typical for busy moms! At least you have some long term memory hanging on! I've lost both short term and long term long ago!

  4. Oh no about the potty problem...thank God you had a friend there. UGH! And I lose my keys all the time...that and my ATM card. FAIL!

  5. I have totally been there with that girl...losing the car....losing the keys. Insomnia and the mommy brain sometimes just take over!

  6. hehehe. i have done all of those before too.

  7. I have that kind of memory too....every toy, every article of clothing...useless knowledge!!

  8. You're definitely not alone. I think the "mommy brain" isn't limited to just pregnancy it lasts much longer than that - clearly.

    I'm so glad you wrote this. I was beginning to think it was just me with the no short term memory, forgetting gift cards, losing the keys when I've already taken them out and buying things I've already bought.

    Thanks. I'll save you a seat next to me on the bus when we head to the looney bin.

  9. 1 poor lexi i bet she was so sad! and I feel like I am loosing it too. I forget everything but I also don't have a great long term memory haha! Hopefully you can start remembering everything :)

  10. Hi, Im a new follower! found you through Shannon at Webbsidoes

    I think all moms loose their minds at some point! I've been there and done most of these ha!

    You have two adorable kids btw

  11. then me? I have lost it long ago...I almost ALWAYS loose my car...how terrible is that?! :)
    and the keys and the gift cards...ugh

  12. I think I'm losing it too! I thought we had a ton of stuff to do today, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to get it all done. Turns out it is all tomorrow so I have all day today to prepare:)

  13. I've done that with the car... I actually got to the point where I thought someone stole my car and called my husband to tell him.... only to finally remember I had parked several more rows over! He still laughs at me!!

  14. There are 6 of my own personal reasons I cannot comment on this. Or 7.

  15. I have done the car thing way to many times. I park in a parking ramp and if I park anywhere out of the ordinary, I have no idea where my truck is. It's embarrassing.

    Now that sign thing is pretty funnY!

  16. You must have a lot on your plate these days. I hope everything is well with your family. Are you sure you're not pregnant? I did the same kind of things in the beginning of both my pregnancys. Take care hun.

  17. Oh, I can SO relate. I was so organized before I had kids...


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