Our Five Ring Circus: The Fine Art of Fainting

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Fine Art of Fainting

I am a fainter.

I fainted today, as a matter of fact.

I was around 8 years old the first time I remember fainting. I had just gotten dental work done, and as my dad was paying the bill, I passed out.

I fainted at doctors appointments. I fainted while getting blood drawn. I fainted after falling off my horse, and injuring my ankle. I fainted after my horse stepped on my hand...when I came to I was looking up at his belly. I fainted (cue teenage nightmare) in the middle of a crowded school hallway. I fainted when my dad chopped the tip of his finger off....he had to find another ride to the hospital. I fainted after I got the epidural. I fainted when Dylan got a head wound...blood...blood was everywhere....I called for help, and then passed out on the bathroom floor, with him in my arms. I nearly fainted on the drive to the ER, when he cut his forehead open....couldn't even watch as they stitched him up. I fainted today.

Yep, I'm a fainter. It's very inconvenient (especially when you have an accident prone child). And very embarrassing.

Today, I was helping Lexie clean her room. I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm glad I was there, though, and not one of my kids! Lexie's door on her dresser has been loose. (I know, I know, I should have seen this coming.) Today, it fell off. Right on the tip of my finger. As my finger was crushed between the door and the hardwood floor, I felt excruciating pain explode in my hand. I heard a crunch. And then, the world began to darken.

I managed to crawl into my bedroom, and climb into bed before I passed out. As I came to, seconds later, Lexie ran into my room, yelling, "Mommy, mommy, is your hand hurt?" When she saw me on the bed, with my eyes closed, she put her hand on her hips, and sternly said, "Mommy, it is not time to go back to sleep!" Leave it to Lexie to bring some humor into the situation!

It took me a while to completely come out of it, and I had the fainting side effects all day-the dull headache and nausea.

Yes, very inconvenient. The fainting and the injured finger.

The tip of my finger immediately swelled, and began to bruise. At first, I thought I broke it, but I think I just chipped the bone. Luckily, it hit right above the top joint of my ring finger. I taped it up, and went about my business. It has been throbbing all day! I have a previously scheduled appointment tomorrow, and will ask the doctor to take a look at it while I'm there.

Hopefully, I don't faint.

Just for the record.......it took forever to type this. ;)


  1. Oh my!!! I hope your finger feels better soon! I'm so sorry!!!

  2. Oh no!! Hopefully you're feeling better today. I can completely relate with you-- I'm a fainter too. I can't stand blood, pain, or people talking about either subject, and definitely can't watch it on TV.

  3. I didn't used to believe in fainting, b/c I had a friend who said she fainted all the time, but she a pretty big liar. Then I fainted while trying to pierce my ear in my bathroom.

    So, is it a physical thing? Or just your response to trauma? That's so scary!!!

  4. Holy cow. Um, yes, I would agree that fainting is inconvenient. I am glad that I don't faint like that.

    I hope your finger is okay. It sounds painful!

  5. Oh no! How awful! Fainting is so scary. I hope your finger feels better soon. (LOL at Lexie telling you it's not time to sleep)

  6. I'm a fainter too. I have fainted three times at the gym...soooooooooo embarassing.

    Hope your finger's okay.

  7. I hope your finger gets better soon! My aunt is a fainter. I can imagine that it can be embarrassing and very inconvenient!

  8. Oh my goodness that doesn't sound fun. I can't believe you faint so much!! My mom and brother both do at the sight of a lot of blood but yours seems to do with pain as well. Yikes! I can't believe you made it to your bed!

  9. wow!! hope your finger is okay!!
    I have never fainted...can you believe that? sounds like you have done it enough for the both of us though!!:)

  10. Yikes! That is scary. Hope you and your finger are feeling better soon! I think I've fainted once in my entire life!

  11. I hope your finger feels better!!

  12. Holy moly! I hope you can make it through the appointment tomorrow... and I hope you and your finger start to feel better soon!

  13. Wow! I've gotten very light headed before but have never fainted. So weird you could make it to bed before you actually went out. Weird but very lucky too. I love Lexie and her sassyness!

  14. That is just horrible! I hope it's nothing serious. Was Dylan home? If not does Lexi know how to dial 911 just in case ya know?

    I know how scary that must be to feel so helpless. When I had Gest. Diabetes. My sugar would drop so quick and before i knew it I was passing out.

    The one day Matt found me on the floor crawling to the door to yell his name, so he taught Ethan how to dial 911 for when he wasn't home. Please make sure they do so you can get help if needed. Take care hun. Much love <3

  15. Oh gosh! How's the finger now? I'm a fainter too. Turns out I have very low bp that drops even lower when I go from sitting or lying to standing. Anyway, I scared my mom so badly one day fainting while checking out at Ann Taylor...so embarrassing! Haven't fainted with GG though, thank goodness. Get yourself check out girlie!


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