Our Five Ring Circus: Weekend? Are You Here Yet?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Weekend? Are You Here Yet?

I need a break! Oh wait, I don't have a single free moment this weekend either! I'm guessing I'll get a break in, oh, say January.

Upon arriving home from picking Dylan up from school, the crazy wind hit. When I say crazy, I mean INSANE. It was like a tornado was whipping through. I had to run outside to rescue my patio furniture, garbage can, and Christmas trees. My patio umbrella was inside out and dragging my upended table through our yard. I managed to stop the table, and used my superhuman strength to put it upright and get the umbrella into the house. And the kids stood at the window, laughing at me. I swear, I was almost Mary Poppins. The umbrella actually lifted me off my feet several times as I was wrestling it out of the table. Sadly, our Christmas decorations did not survive. The star fell off the house, and my Christmas trees were pulled out the ground. *sigh* Glad we didn't finish decorating outside, yet!

Dylan had his first playdate with a classmate today. It went really well! I got along quite well with the mom, Dylan loved playing with his friend, and Lexie had a great time playing with the little brother!

I dropped the kids off at my sister's house after the playdate, and Grant and I attempted to finish shopping. It was a valiant effort, but we didn't succeed. Toys R Us was way overpriced...we managed to leave with just a Buy 2, Get 1 Free playdoh set deal. That's it. We spent more time in line behind a crazy shopper. This woman was THE MOST OBNOXIOUS SHOPPER EVER! I think everybody in that store was ready to lose their minds after listening to her. I know I was! We attempted WalMart, but it was so disorganized, and picked over. Everything we were looking for was gone. By that time, it was dark, cold, and getting icy, so we picked the kids up.

Lexie fell asleep on the way home. It was 6 pm. So I put her to bed (without dinner), and she's still sleeping. Any guesses as to what time my little angel will be waking up?

And here I am, blogging at 11:42 PM! No wonder I'm always exhausted!


  1. Where do you live? The wind was insane here yesterday too, and again this morning. I'm still frozen from coming into work.

    How did Lexie do last night?

  2. Sorry about the decorations...what a drag!

    I haven't even really started shopping for Graham, so don't feel bad!!

  3. It is freezing here! Drove to work and my car said -8 degrees, thats without the windshield. I hate when the wind is so strong! Wish you had better luck with shopping. I am hoping to finish today!! :)

    Hope you had a good night!

  4. It sounds like you saved the day...Crazy weather huh? I hope the weekend comes soon for you so you can relax.

  5. I swear there was a literal tornado here too. Pieces of my moms siding to her house flew off.

    I haven't really been to TRUS this holiday season I was thinking of going but maybe I won't now.

  6. Yep, it is that time of the year, isn't it? I am feeling the same way, minus the nut job shopper!

  7. Girl, I know how it is!!! I think my next "free time" is 2 1/2 weeks away. ha ha ha

    And why is that when I'm shopping for 'others' I find and buy more for MEEE than them? I just keep running across things that IIII want and heck, I know nobody's gonna be shopping for ME this year, so I have to shop for myself. {wink}

  8. yeah why do we stay up so late when our days get soooo crazy and exhausting???? inquiring minds want to know!!


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