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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Gift For Mom

I had a very special mom moment today!

This month, in Pre-K, the kids have been working on making gifts for their family members. Dylan brought home my gift today, and insisted that I opened it. I begged him to let me save it for Christmas morning, but he was too excited to wait!

My gift was wrapped in wrapping paper that Dylan made in school, and adorned with a poem...the kind of sappy poem that makes a mom tear up immediately.


Dylan and Lexie watched eagerly as I opened up my gift. It was a wall hanging with an angel on it, made out of Dylan's handprints. When I saw it, I burst into tears, and gave him the biggest hug. It's amazing how something so little can mean so much! I love it, and promptly hung it on the wall. I know I will treasure it forever!



Dylan had his 5 year check up today. He was perfectly healthy! He had hearing and vision screening done, and both were normal. He stayed on the same growth curve-tall and skinny! He was 3'10" tall (I can't believe he's almost 4 feet tall!) and FINALLY made it to an even 40 lbs! He just does not gain much weight!

He ended up getting the three vaccinations that are required for kindergarten, and as usual, he didn't shed a tear. He has never once cried during shots, even as a newborn!

I was SO proud of Lexie, too. She has had a major fear of doctors since her diarrhea issue began. I'm guessing it was from all the needles, tests, and exams. Today, she didn't scream when the nurse came into the room, and she actually talked to her. Lexie ended up getting a shot that she needed while we were at Dylan's appointment, and she did so well! She cried for about two seconds, then was mesmerized by her bandaid.

I was so relieved that it was a great visit for both of them!


We stopped to visit my sister after the appointment, and the kids got to play with their cousins. Every afternoon that we head over to Andrea's house, Lexie ends up falling asleep in the car. As soon as we walk through her front door, Lexie wakes up, and jumps from my arms. She loves it there!

My sister watched them for an hour while Grant and I finished our Christmas shopping for them. I am so relieved that we bought all their gifts! I may pick up a few more stocking stuffers, but everything else is bought. I can't wait to give them their gifts! Especially the ones for Lexie! ;)

On the way home, Dylan and I stopped at Toys R Us to buy his gift for Lexie. He was so excited to pick out her gift, and chose the new Strawberry Shortcake movie (wise choice!) and a Littlest Pet Shop set. Lexie bought D's gift on Monday-two Star Wars figures, of course! I love that they get excited about buying gifts for each other!


Christmas Eve is in ONE week! I'm so excited!


  1. What a sweet gift! I also get teary-eyed when I see gifts from my kids.

    That picture of you and Dylan is just too cute!

    Buddy bought his gift for Buster last night and was SO PROUD. I love that!!

  2. How special, I can't wait for Alex to be able to pick out a gift for her sibling next year. Love that idea. I bet it feels good to have all the Christmas shopping done :)

  3. Was wondering if you could take a close up pic of the angle and send it to me. I would love to do it with my nanny kids as gifts and maybe even granparents!

  4. sounds like a sweet gift to you.

    my kids also got really excited about buying gifts for each other. they would have bought the whole store for their siblings if I would have let them.

  5. what a sweet gift--I know you love it!

    you & Dylan look adorable :)

  6. What a sweet gift!!! And I can't believe Christmas Eve is a week away, too!!!

  7. I love the picture of Dylan and you! Very cute!! That was so sweet...

  8. Such a sweet post! Glad both kids are healthy and happy!


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