Our Five Ring Circus: Lost Lovey

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lost Lovey

Tonight, while Christmas shopping, my worst fear about Lexie's BunBun came true.

I was strapping Lexie into her car seat, and I realized that she did not have BunBun. She did have BunBun when I put her in the cart. I couldn't recall seeing her with it after that.

Panic set in. I never understood why moms freaked out about lost loveys, until I had a child that had one. Oh, I COMPLETELY understand now!

I frantically dumped my purse out, scouring the contents. No BunBun.

I yelled across the parking lot to my mom, to see if she had BunBun. No BunBun.

And then they crying began. "BunBun! I want BunBun!"

I was immediately struck with the fear that we would not find BunBun. Toys R Us is a huge store, and it was packed with the Christmas shopping crowd. My heart broke just thinking about Lexie having to deal with the loss of her beloved BunBun.

At that point, determination set in. I pulled Lexie out of her seat, and the three of us returned to the store, and began to retrace our steps. Ten minutes into the search, I was getting more frantic.

I even called my sister, who is working at this Toys R Us for the holidays. I was fully prepared to have her put an APB out on BunBun. I planned to have her rally up her coworkers and find BunBun! She didn't answer. I hung up the phone, feeling completely desperate, and at that moment, I heard a thrilled voice. "BunBun! Oh, my BunBun!!!"

I let out the biggest sigh of relief.

BunBun was hanging out on a shelf with some other stuffed animals. I have NO idea how Lexie spotted it.

We left the store, with BunBun tucked safely into Lexie's arms. I think I was just as relieved as she was, and I'm starting to believe that I'm just as attached to BunBun. For different reasons, but still attached!

Needless to say, we have a new rule.

BunBun is never allowed to go into a huge, public place again.


  1. Yeah, I am glad she found it. I have a fear of this too, but luckily my kids are only attached to their blankets, and they aren't picky.

  2. Both of my kids have lovey's and they are not allowed out of the house, except for long car rides and overnights. Of course, we didn't have this rule at first. We had to learn the hard way too.

    I'm glad you found her lovey!!

  3. I wish our story of "Pup" would have had that ending! We were at the outlet mall in Dallas and she put Pup down at her feet in one of those rented car carts. The bottom is open and she didn't know it. About 5 stores in we realized Pup was gone. We backtracked about 50 times and never found him. My 15 year old said that if she saw someone with him she was going to kick their butt, she didn't care if it was a kid! We put in a Missing Toy Report, but they never found him. She asked me on the way home, "Have the police called yet because they found Pup?" Sad!! My older daughter and I were just SICK!

    Her birthday party was the next week. (Pup is a discontinued Webkinz). My friend actually found one! She gave it to her for her birthday. When she opened it she screamed and hugged him so tight I thought his stuffing would pop out his ears! She is VERY protective of Pup now! Oh, and that's his name too. She knows it's a different one, but she doesn't care.

    I still mourn for Pup I.

  4. I can feel your fear! My son is the same with his blankie. Of course, he had to attach himself to one that's very rare to come across. I finally found a second one and would switch them out occasionally but he eventually found them both haha.

  5. I am so glad you guys found Bun Bun ... I can't imagine!!!

  6. Yeah, so last week we only had one pair of shoes that fit and were comfortable for Graham. So, of course he kicked one off in Meijer. It took me an hour to find it, AFTER we had already been shopping for two hours. Ugh! At least we both found our treasures!!

  7. Oh my word...I am cracking up at your thoughts of having an APB put out for BunBun! But I can totally relate! :) We had an experience where we lost something and never found it, and now our rule is to leave all of our "loveys" in the car if we take them with us. Thank heavens you found it!!! :)

  8. an apb on bun bun..that made me laugh!

    but i know poor thing! that would have been terrible. bun bun is in practicallly every pic of lexie for like her whole life it has seemed. i can't picture her without bun bun.

  9. I'm so glad you found it! I couldn't imagine what our life would be like if T lost her "night night".

  10. Oh my, I'm so glad you found BunBun!!!

    I had a cousin that lost a beloved Teddy like that... and they replaced it with a new one, but it just wasn't the same. So sad for the child.

    Yay for Lexie for spotting it! I bet she remembered playing with it right there and that's why she looked there.

  11. Oh I remember those days! Reagan couldn't go ANYWHERE without her stuffed puppy... I was so terrified that we would lose it that I had 2 spares just in case. Thank goodness she has finally started to grow out of the stage and puppy never leaves her bedroom now... but she still has to have it to go to sleep!


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