Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me Monday

Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

Another Monday is here! It's hard to believe that we only have one Monday left until Christmas! It's time for my weekly therapy, courtesy of MckMama's Not Me Monday blog carnival!

I did not trip as I was getting up from the couch, because my foot got stuck in my pant leg. This did not happen in front of my hubby. A few minutes later, my husband did not catch me hopping around the kitchen on one foot, in an attempt to smell the sock on my other foot.

I did not sleep through horrible ice, closed roads, and hundreds of accidents on Sunday morning. By the time I woke up, the weather was not completely normal and I was not completely confused.

I most definitely did not drink from a gallon of water that is for everyone, because I was so parched, and couldn't wait to get a glass.

While at my husband's company Christmas party on Friday night, I did not have my annual drink. It was not an over the top girly drink that looked like a sundae.

I did not have two hours alone in my house on Friday afternoon. I did not use this time to take a nap.

I did not hit my head off of things repeatedly this week. Nor did my Great Dane stand up as I was stepping over her, and send me flying across the room. I did not almost cry when I hit the (hardwood) floor.

I am not completely out of the essentials in my fridge and cabinets. I did not skip going to the store this weekend, like I was supposed to.

What haven't you done this week? ;)


  1. I had a little bit of semi-alone time {Eli was here but he took about a three hour nap} and I took a nap and watch HGTV! I have been extra clumsy lately too...I kicked a chair in our living room twice in less than 10 minutes!

  2. I know it's not funny at all, but since we shared that our dogs are both idiots prior to this, I had to snicker that you had this happen to you.

    I just had myself a 2 hour nap, of course, I'm home sick today. But still. a NAP!

  3. We skipped the store this weekend too, just too much other stuff to do. Love that you where hopping around smelling your sock lol :)

  4. ANNUAL drink? Girl, you need to live it up a little more often than that! ;P

  5. Over the top girly drinks are the ONLY way to go! Sounds tasty :)


  6. Well, I did NOT go out with the girls on Friday night and be a total party pooper and only drink a Dr.Pepper and a coffee. I'm not boring like that.

    I did NOT also skip my grocery shopping trip, therefore my kids are NOT starving today. Oh well, they'll survive.

    I did NOT come to work without washing my hair today cuz I was too lazy to do it. I do NOT feel less pretty all day on days when I do that, either. Nope!

    And I am NOT counting down these last four days of work before my vacation starts. WOO HOO!

  7. Oh golly... at least you can blame the dog for going flying across the room. Me. I trip the first way you described, or any of my usual dozen ways :)

    This cracked me up... thanks for the laughs!

  8. I love a good apple martini or cosmo! It's been awhile though...I think being pregnant makes you very clumsy which is even funnier when I am still trying to pull off heels! lol

  9. You seem to have a problem with balance... or something. Ha ha ha. I love that your husband saw those 2 things happen one after another. HAHAHAH!

  10. They are all funny, but hitting your head is the best one by far! So like me!


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