Our Five Ring Circus: Dylan's Special Day, Missing Grandma, Lexie's Pinnie, and a Walk Down Memory Lane

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dylan's Special Day, Missing Grandma, Lexie's Pinnie, and a Walk Down Memory Lane

Today, Dylan had his birthday party at school. He was so excited!


I think he was just excited about the cupcakes that I made!


His school really makes the birthday kid feel special! The focus was on him today. He had a special name tag and a crown with his cut out handprint on it to wear during class. They sang happy birthday to him before snack. The cupcakes were a hit! He got a special birthday pencil, and his class made him a banner that they all signed. He was just so happy when he came home! (It helped that his book order came in today!)


I made a point to spend extra time with him today. Lexie went down for an early nap (after waking up at 4 AM...WHAT?!?!?), so Dylan and I had lunch together, read one of his new books, and played chutes and ladders.

Lexie Bean sported her brand new pinnie today! I won it on Kelly's blog a few weeks ago. (Kelly is also the one who did my blog makeover.) Thanks again, Kelly! I thought the pinnie looked so cute on Lexie! Thanks to Margaret, who made it! Check out her etsy site HERE. Her stuff is adorable. I'll definitely be buying more from her!


When Lexie woke up, we went to the cemetery to put flowers on my Grandma's grave. It was my Grandma's birthday today. She would have been 89.

I am missing her so much. I think about her every day, and constantly wish she were here. I grew up next door to her, so we were very close. I know it may sound silly, but I do feel like she watches over me. I can't believe that it's been almost 9 years without her.

Lexie fell asleep again on the way to the cemetery. It was pouring down rain, so I pulled in right next to my Grandma and Grandpa's grave, and Dylan and I put the flowers on it.

I found myself falling even more in love with Dylan at that moment. Is that even possible?!? I was just struck by how sweet, caring, kind, loving, compassionate, and empathetic he is. He held my hand the entire time, told my Grandma how much he loved her (even though he never met her), and kept looking up at me, smiling, and squeezing my hand as I cried. When we got back in the car, he told me, "I'm sorry you lost your Grandma. I will always take care of you, mommy." His words melted my heart. He just has such a big heart, and such an amazing soul. When I look at him, I know we did something right. My Grandma would have adored him!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Which leads me to A Walk Down Memory Lane!


These two pictures have my Grandma in them. :)
The first one is of my Grandma, Grandpap, and I. I'm guessing I was around a year old! The second pic is of my Grandma, Grandpap, my mom, and I. It was on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, in 1984, so I was 4 1/2. I took a little walk down memory lane tonight, by looking at old pictures! My Grandma was an absolutely amazing woman and I feel blessed to have spent nearly 20 wonderful years with her.

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

Come for a walk with me down Memory Lane!
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And now, I'm calling it a night, since my daughter had me up so early. What is up with that? :)


  1. What great pics! I loved the ones of your grandma....so precious! I wish I had my grandmothers still with us.

    Your cupcakes were great. It's so nice that the school makes each child feel so extra special on their birthday. I loved the little banner they get to hold too! :> )

    And your little princess......PRECIOUS! And I am lovin' that outfit!


  2. Okay, Dylan just completely melted MY HEART too. He is so much like Cameron. Cameron is my 'heart and soul' child. Tender, caring, honest, gentle.... such a blessing!

    Your grandma WOULD HAVE loved him. I'm sure she DOES! =0)

    Thanks for going on my walk with me. It was great to get to hear about your wonderful Grandma. You keep her memory alive!

  3. Happy Birthday Dylan and Grandma!!

    I'm totally all choked up after reading that.

  4. i love those cupcakes.

    sorry about your gma.

  5. The cupcakes are great and I love her new pennie?!?! She is so cute :)

    I love the walk down memory lane. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love the pinnie on her, so cute!!!


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