Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tidbits...A day to remember all the cute and funny things my kidlets have said and done!

Lexie hates wind. It's been a rough week, considering how windy it has been. She was constantly shrieking, and screaming, "It's going to blow me away!"

Dylan was struggling to fall asleep Sunday night. He had to use the potty, and on his way out, he said, "Mommy, I'm starving. See? Watch me starve!" He proceeded to swallow, and suck in his gut. Later, when I walked past his room, he said, "Mommy! I'm starving! Hear me starve?" I didn't hear a thing. Nice try, buddy.

This weekend, Lexie had to use the potty at a friend's house. She isn't good at balancing on the seat without an insert yet, and as I was holding her there, my hands slipped, and her bum touched the water. She was absolutely appalled, and proceeded to tell everyone that I dropped her in the toilet.

While we were brushing our teeth yesterday morning, Dylan asked me, "Mommy, will Lexie get boobs?" After getting over my shock at his question, I simply replied, "Someday." He responded with, "She just has knuckles right now, right?" Right, buddy. She does, indeed, have knuckles. And the other things that you really meant.

We were having eggs this weekend, and Lexie couldn't have any, due to her egg allergy. Dylan was asking why she couldn't have any, and we told him that they make her sick. (Just as a side note, she has bad eczema, too.) Dylan asked us, "So do eggs give her egg-zema?"

Dylan has started to call all women, "young ladies." He said on many occasions this week, "Hello, young lady!" I taught him well! ;)

After rescuing our patio furniture from blowing away last week, Dylan told me, "Mommy, you are soooooo brave!" Glad I'm still his hero.

Dylan is always thinking of others. He was shopping with my parents on Friday, and insisted that they buy his daddy an energy drink. They did. He also insisted that they buy me a small bag of chocolate. It just so happened that the bag he brought home to me was a $10 bag of chocolate. My mom finally figured out why her shopping bill was so high for just 5 items! ;)

When we passed the lingerie department yesterday, Lexie shouted out quite loudly, "MY MOMMY NEEDS NEW UNDERWEAR!"

Gotta love kids!


  1. awwwwwwwwwww......you are his hero!!! sweet!

  2. I love reading these! Your kids always sound so great. And Lexie cracks me up!

  3. OMG, "Knuckles". I'm still laughing over here.

  4. aaaaaaaaaahahaha. Priceless!!! I'll send you some undies for christmas:)

  5. OK I love that you dropped her in the toilet ;) nice mom!!! How could you not hear him starve, I mean come on mom!!!

  6. Ahhhh, yes, KIDS!

    "My Mommy needs new underwear?" ha ha ha

    So Lexie has knuckles huh? ha ha ha TOO funny!

  7. My mommy needs new underwear!" LMAO

  8. I am still cracking up - and I can't even tell you which part was the funniest because I laughed harder and harder all the way through!

    My kiddo has that crazy fear of falling into the toilet... that's what we get with skinny kids, huh? Too funny that she ratted you out!

    Love that you are Dylan's hero! And how he says things...! Egg-zema was classic! And the knuckles... well, I'm just glad he didn't say the other thing. Cuz my kid would have said the most embarrassing thing - and always in public, always. *sigh*

    I just love your kids!


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