Our Five Ring Circus: Ranting

Friday, December 4, 2009


The top news story on our local news last night was called shock at the bus stop. The cold weather is on it's way, and they were discussing how cold kids were going to be at the bus stop this morning.

First of all, this is the top news story? Really? Apparently NOTHING happened in Pittsburgh yesterday.

Second, it was 22 degrees on Wednesday morning (and All About Me mom had her daughter in shorts and no coat...but that's another story). How was this morning's 33 degree weather more shocking than Wednesday morning's weather? I don't know, I was rather shocked when I stepped onto the porch to let the dogs out that morning. I wasn't quite as shocked this morning.

And finally, this is PENNSYLVANIA, people. Winter shows up every year. It's not that shocking. We are lucky that our warm weather lasted so long this year, and that the cold temps are just now appearing. Texas got snow, and we have yet to see those flakes!

Suck it up, people. Put on your winter coat, your hat, and your gloves, and get used to it. This weather shows up every year. It's not really newsworthy.

*Okay, stepping off my soapbox now!


On a side note, I did, indeed, go shopping today, and got a nice chunk of presents bought! I'm not panicking as much as I was last night, and I'm hoping to be done by the end of next week! I can't wait to give out gifts this year!


  1. Good for you getting Christmas shopping done!

    I am totally grateful right now that I don't still live in NY!! :) 22 is painfully cold!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your little ones are so adorable!

  2. That's insane that it was "top news". LOL

    WE're shopping today and we had better get a large chunk done. I"m freaking out.

  3. lol I must have missed that news story.

    the thing about the bus stops I notice is that around here the kids just wait in their cars until the bus comes. Years ago I remember kids were left at bus stops alone but these days I don't think you are allowed. The bus driver told my older 2 that if I wasn't there when he drops them off he has to take them back to school. So... its not so hard to wait in a warm car. But I am woried about getting the car to the bus stop...its not like they plow the roads for snow back here and they could make the stops closer to houses. Its seriously several miles to our stops.

    I am actually praying it doesn't snow this year.

  4. yeah we have been shocked this week. I mean we live in MN and expect it but man its been nice as of lately!! It was snowy and 18 degrees yesterday!!! BRRR but I got some great pictures of Alex so that makes it all worth it :)

    Glad you got some shopping done, I am hoping to get some stuff done tomorrow!!

  5. Hmm...looks like the news is getting more "vanilla" by the hour, huh? They either sensationalize everything, or just skip over it.
    Great job on the christmas shopping!

  6. I loathe the media. Even this Tiger Woods thing. No one cares, besides of course the news reporters who insist, "Everyone wants to know if Tiger had an affair." Um, no we don't... Argh!


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