Our Five Ring Circus: Snow Men For The Elderly, Shopping, Cornflake Wreaths, and Tidbits

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Men For The Elderly, Shopping, Cornflake Wreaths, and Tidbits

We have been running since we woke up this morning. This time of year is so hectic, and Christmas always comes before I even realize it. There's always so much I want to do, and I never manage to get it all done!

I had one more gift to pick up today, so we went shopping with my dad. The stores were insane! I'm so happy I'm done now!


My mom works at a private nursing home, and the kids go in every Tuesday and talk to the residents. This year, I really wanted to focus on giving to others. Over the past few weeks, the kids have been making foam snowman stickers.

Today, they delivered them to all the residents. I was so proud as I watched them hand one to each resident and tell them Merry Christmas! The residents were so happy, and I could tell that the kids were proud of themselves for what they did.

Lexie really was proud. She was just very tired! She fell asleep moments after we left!


Dylan went shopping today for his family. He is at the age where he loves giving gifts to others. I gave him some money, and let him pick out something small for the family members on his list. It was so cute (and funny!) to see what he chose!

He bought a coffee mug for his Grandma, socks for his PapPap, an angel figure for his Nannie, a wooden puzzle for his Papa, a bunch of plastic grapes for his Nina (that one's the best!), and some gems for Batfish's aquarium. And something for his daddy! ;)

After he paid for his gifts, my mom helped him buy something for me and put it in a gift bag. I can't wait to see what he chose for me. I think it involves a sponge!


Dylan is such a sweet boy, but he has had so many naughty moments the past two days. What is up with that?!? He's acting naughtier than he's ever been, so it's a big surprise to me. I know it probably has a lot to do with the anticipation of Christmas, and our schedule being jam-packed, but it sure is frustrating!


Tonight, my mom and I made the cornflake wreaths that we make every year. It's one of our traditions! They are oh so tasty. So tasty that I can even overlook the green teeth that you get from eating one.


And now for a few Tuesday Tidbits!

Lexie turned 34 months today. Two months until she turns 3. Also, Dylan has been 5 for a month, as of today. How is that even possible?

Lexie calls candy canes "candy cans." She likes to dance and say, "I'm shakin' my bodies!" She kisses my owies.

I asked her the other morning, "What time did you get up today, Lexie?" (Sarcastically, because it was EARLY!) She replied, "Ummmmm.....2 weeks."

After our first snow on Saturday, I asked Dylan how much snow we got. He answered, "100." Grant asked him, "100 of what?!?" To which he replied, "100 of snow!" Of course!

Lexie was telling me a story this morning, and when she finished, I said, "Cool, dude!" She flat out told me, "I not a dude. I a girl." Yes, an adorable, sassy one!

My mom has my niece's old dollhouse at her house for Lexie to play with. Their dog ate the mom doll a few months ago, and we never told Lexie. The other day, she walked out with the framed picture of the mom and dad that belongs in the house, and asked, "Where's the mom?" I finally confessed that Tasha had eaten her. She promptly grabbed my mom's hand, dragged her over to the dog, and said, "Tasha ate the mom! Get it out of her belly!"


3 sleeps until Christmas!


  1. I think kids just like to act up before Christmas so that we have to threated them with no gifts. It happens in my house EVERY year. *sigh*

    Lexie is sooo cute. That is so funny about the dog eating her mama and her wanting it back.

  2. those tidbits make me laugh so hard!

    anyway, I was going to do the visit the nursing home thing this year. But, my dad was in 2 area nursing homes this time last year and I think it would be just too upsetting for my mom to see me go and visist someone else at the same places.

  3. I love the weekly updates ... they are so cute!

  4. Ah, sweet, sweet kids to do that for the elderly.
    Your cornflake wreaths are making my mouth water right now! WHy, WHY did you post that!?!?

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