Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me Monday

Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's Monday! Time to confess the things I have not done recently, thanks to MckMama's blog carnival.

When Lexie refused to fall asleep one night, and kept crying, I did not tell her, "Mommy is going to Walmart. Alone. In my pajamas. And my picture is going to end up online, on People of Walmart." She did not almost immediately stop crying, probably out of fear of embarrassment.

Grant and I did not already exchange our big gifts to each other for Christmas. He did not already know that I bought him a Blu-ray DVD player, and I did not pick my own coat out last night.

I did not discover that Lexie has been using our toilet paper as a hand towel. Many questions have not been answered as to why the TP is always damp and wrinkly.

I did not search the house for Lexie's beloved Strawberry Shortcake doll without finding her, open up the package that held the backup Strawberry Shortcake, give the new one to Lexie , and
find the one I was searching for 30 seconds later.

Speaking of searching for things, I have not been looking for a shield that belongs to one of Dylan's knights, since he got it at his birthday party. As I was walking through Toys R Us the other day, I did not see said Knight in the package, and find out that it did not have a shield! I am not that OCD.

I have not been taking Lexie with me while I Christmas shop for her and Dylan. I do not just slip the toys under the cart, and give her a toy to play with, so she doesn't suspect anything. This is not going to be the last year I'll be able to do this!

I did not forget to pick up my BCP refill today. I am not going to book it to the store first thing in the morning, and convince myself that taking it 10 hours after the time I normally take it will be okay.

On that note, I am not starting to get just a *bit* of baby fever again.


  1. Cute 'Not me's.' I have done the same thing with one of Chase's beloved toys that he lost and then I found right after I opened the new one.
    I am also NOT shopping for Chase with Abby...good thing they are still oblivious to some things, when distracted.
    Baby fever!? Yeah! :)

  2. I so have baby fever!

    And I had to laugh at the doll back-up. We have back-ups to both boys' loveys. Buddy found the first back-up and claimed it, so then he had two loveys and we had to buy another. Ugh.

  3. SO glad I am not the only one who didn't do some of this stuff :)

  4. great not me's!
    I am in the delimma of having time away from the kids to buy their presents! the whole sneak thing doesn't work anymore for me!

  5. sofia also has seen me buy presents and wrap them...lol. I don't think she will spill any secrets though. Mary on the other hand! I bought something for Patrick with her and she immediately came home and said hey wanna know you got for chrristmas? I was so mad!

  6. As long as you DID NOT really go to Walmart in you jamas life is good.

  7. Cute Not Me's! I loved the one about Wal Mart..(That site is so funny! And I have to tell you that one night I was getting ready to run out for a fast errand and had on old clothes, no make-up, ponytail and I actually asked my husband if he though that I looked okay to go to Wal Mart bc I didn't want to end up on the site, lol!)! I do the same thing shopping with my littlest daughter! :)
    Have a great Monday!

  8. LOL about finding the toy right after buying a new one. Of course!!

  9. Wow, that last "not me" was quite a doozie!!!

    I love the "People Of Walmart" comment. That site cracks me up, it's great for killing time and having a laugh.


  10. You and your ovaries will be fine:) Unless you are insanely fertile ;)

    People of walmart. Ugh. It CAN be funny, but I do think sometimes it's just plain mean! And I was the one who turned so many pple onto it!

  11. Baby fever???? Oh imagine the sweet blog posts! ha ha ha

    Why does my brain think in blog? ha ha ha

    I remember the days of shopping while my kids were right there. Occasionally I can still pull a fast one on 'em, like when I got Riley a ring at Kohl's last week and the clerk had to slip it into my purse while distracting Riley. ha ha ha


  12. Knowing how dang fertile you are, you may want to avoid sex tonight! ;) Unless you want that baby fever to be answered!

  13. I alwasy love to read your Not Me's ... I hear you on the baby fever!


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