Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday & Wednesday's Musings

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday & Wednesday's Musings

We have had two more days of rain since my last post. Tomorrow is the start of some beautiful weather!

Yesterday, the kiddos and I wore orange for Stellan and said a prayer while he was in surgery.

I tried to snap a picture before we hurried out the door, but Batman and LexieBean CrankyPants were not in the mood. (Hmmm...is Batman picking his nose?)

We spent the afternoon visiting my parents. While we were there, my cell phone took a plunge into the toilet and it's battery life came to a slow, vibrating end. Nasty. Lexie's thoughts on the incident? "Ewww, dwoss." Totally, Lex. That's just dwoss!

Because I cannot live without my cellphone (on my behalf, we don't have a landline), I headed out to get a new one. Before I left, I reminded my dad that he should get used to carrying his cell phone with him when he's out and about. He told me he existed 68 years without a cell phone, and doesn't need it. AHEM. I hope he was thinking about that when his van temporarily died in a parking lot.

My dad and Dylan decided to come along, and they had a treat at Dunkin Donuts while I picked out a new phone. $3 and 15 minutes later, I left with my new baby. Thank you 2 year credit and rebate!

..............My old phone came back to life late last night. HA!

Grant's great uncle passed away early Saturday morning, and the funeral was last night, immediately following the viewing. It was the kind of service that had you laughing over memories more than crying. Grant's Uncle Tom started a very successful car dealership, so his name lives on.

My parents watched the kids while we were gone, and we didn't pick them up until very late. Dylan had a blast with my dad, as usual. They played in the rain for 2 hours, and built a personalized, wooden chair for Dylan to use at his daddy's "campfires." Lexie just drove my mom nuts with her new, terrible two antics. Hehehe! Both kiddos went to bed late...which meant that they slept until noon today....SCORE!

Speaking of today, Lexie turned 26 months old and Dylan is officially 4 years, 5 months old. I can't even comprehend the fact that my daughter is 2, let alone 2 years, TWO months!

I got in another run today...running is my new addiction...and crystal light lemonade. Anybody that knows me and my extreme hatred of artificial sweeteners is probably passed out on the floor right now from that news!

This is entirely random, but I have had an amazing dinner each night this week. And I cooked two of them! On Monday, we had spiral cut ham, smashed potatoes, butter beans, and salad. Grant was in heaven. Yesterday, my mom made me one of her usual gourmet meals that she blesses me with two nights a week. She made this delicious chicken dish-cut up chicken, zucchini, leeks, celery, and carrots in a chicken broth-like sauce, served over noodles. French bread with garlic butter and herbs, and vanilla cake with blackberry coolwhip frosting completed the meal. Today we had the leftover ham in a delicious ham, potato, and cheese casserole, served with salad. YUM! I'm hungry again!

Tomorrow's meal will never live up to those. It's just me and the kids, and since Lexie only eats macaroni and cheese, I guess that's what we're having. On second thought, I'm having the leftover chicken dish! ;)

Here's to waking up to some sun tomorrow! It's about time!

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  1. I feel you on the weather. It has been rainy here and starting tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70's for the next 5 days. I just might come down with some rare disease and not go to work!! Now you've made me hungry...need a snack!

  2. Glad you have a new phone up and running. It's funny your dad said he survived 68 years without one, yet in our era, we couldn't function without one!

    And T turns 26 months on Saturday. I still can't believe it either!


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