Our Five Ring Circus: This horseshoe did not bring me luck

Sunday, April 26, 2009

This horseshoe did not bring me luck

Lexie and I had a rather rough weekend. We have the battle wounds to prove it!

On Friday, our ferret slid down the entire length of Lexie's arm, leaving a long scratch behind. Right after that, my dad's stupid little chihuahua tried to steal food from Lexie's hand. When she pushed it away, it snapped at her, and bit around her eye. She ended up with a cut on her eyelid and several cuts below her eye. I love dogs, but I seriously wanted to punt the little stinker across the room, like a football!

My poor baby looks like she was attacked by a wild animal! Well, in a way she was.

Here's Lexie on Saturday. She had just hiked a mile on her own (Go Lexie!) and was very flushed, so the cuts are hard to see. Her lashes cover part of it as well. (You'll have to click on the picture to enlarge it. Got to figure out how to post them larger!)

Today, we were visiting my horse, and as I was letting him back out to the pasture, I got stepped on. 1000 lbs of weight right on my toes! I pushed the horse away, and the pain was so intense that I started to black out. I was able to herd my kids back to the car, and as soon as the doors shut, I draped myself across the seats and gave in to the fainting!

Now, I have swollen, bruised toes that go from feeling completely numb (that's not good, is it?) to absolutely throbbing. I'm limping around the house. I'm so bummed, because I really hit a good routine with my running, and now I have to take a break!

What's that about horseshoes bringing luck? Because that horseshoe crushed my toes!

On the plus side, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, and we had a wonderful, fun, busy day on Saturday. Also, my horse seems to be feeling better now that it has warmed up!

Now...back to being gimpy!

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  1. Oh no! I am sorry your toes hurt =( Hope Lexie feels better too! Maybe an award (or 2) will cheer you up? check it out! - if you aren't into awards, please don't feel obligated, but know that I think you deserve them! =)

  2. Ouch! I hope there's nothing seriously wrong with your toes :( And I hope Lexie feels better too. What a yucky weekend.

  3. Oh that sounds terrible. I am allergic to just about every animal so i limit my exposure! I hope you both are feeling better!

  4. You have a ferret? I'd always heard they aren't good with kids - are they? We had ferrets before we had kids but thought we'd have to wait until the kids were older before we could get any more.

    I hope you and Lexie are feeling better.

  5. she looks like the sweetest little girl with her doll

  6. Yikes! I hope her scratches heal fast, and hope your toes recover even faster. Ouch!


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