Our Five Ring Circus: Ice cream!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ice cream!

After a year of turning her head away from ice cream, Little Miss Picky decided to give it a try.

We played in the park this evening with my dad, and stopped to get ice cream on our way home. While we waited in line, Lexie stared at an elderly couple enjoying their ice cream cones. Every few seconds, she said, "Ice cream cone. Ice cream cone."

So, I handed her my cone. She eyed it warily, and then gave it a lick. She pulled back, spit it out of her mouth, and got a horrified look on her face...the same reaction she had when I first tried to feed it to her, many months ago.

As I struggled to strap her into her car seat while holding my cone, Lexie helped me out by removing the cone from my hand. And then refused to give it back.

When we got back to my parent's house, Lexie finished my entire cone. When I tried to take a bite, she told me, "No, Mama, no! That's MY ice cream! All mine!"

After she had polished off MY cone, she walked over to my dad, kindly removed his cone from his hands, and polished that one off too.

So I guess we can now add ice cream into her diet of bread and water.

Of course, in typical Lexie style, she will refuse to eat it the next time around. Perhaps this was her April Fools joke on us!


  1. That's too funny. Truett didn't like ice cream for a long time either. Kids are crazy!

  2. sounds like sofia too she won't give me my cones back if her i let her try a lick... forget it...its HERS!


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