Our Five Ring Circus: The Easter Bunny has arrived!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Bunny has arrived!

We kicked off our Easter weekend with an Easter Eggtravaganza on Friday. It is a huge egg hunt and Easter festival at a local church. An estimated 3500 people were in attendance. And it was pouring down rain. I'll just put it this way: mass chaos, but great fun for the kids! It was our third year attending the Eggtravaganza. Dylan loved it, but Lexie was a bit overwhelmed by all the people.

Donut decorating

Dylan and Lexie waiting for the egg hunt to begin...that was a zoo!

Dylan and his cousin, Brady, after the egg hunt

Lexie's reaction to the Easter Bunny

Dylan and the Easter Bunny
I had to hold Lexie on my lap to see the Easter Bunny. She was happily talking to him (or is it a her?) from a distance, but did not want to get too close!

Today, we went to Chuck E Cheese for my nephew's fourth birthday party. The kiddos had a great time. Chuck E Cheeses...where a kid can be a kid...and where a mom leaves with a migraine!

Tonight, we made cutout sugar cookies and dyed our Easter eggs.

The kids took a brief hide-n-seek break before dying the eggs.
Right before bed, Dylan and Lexie put their empty baskets on the table.
While they were sleeping, this happened: (I know, I know...but I really did get great deals, and I'd rather go easy on the candy!)

I found a trail of bunny footprints leading to the baskets.

Hopefully the kids will be well behaved at church in the morning!!!


  1. Looks like a great weekend! Great pics.

  2. Looks like a busy but fun-filled weekend!

  3. those eggs came out cute. I like the idea of setting out the baskets too. i always just hid them but i think imay do that now.

  4. Busy but fun weekend, eh? I love the trail of bunny footprints!

  5. Adorable ideas leaving the baskets out and having a trail of footprints. Going to steal both for traditions at our house. And your sugar cookies came out so pretty. The little Beast's were not quite so nice to look at! Thanks for following my blog!

  6. I love the bunny prints idea!! Looks like you all had a great weekend!! Happy easter!


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