Our Five Ring Circus: Easter Sunday

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Sunday

I have to conclude my Easter weekend post with our Easter Sunday! The day dawned bright and sunny...the kind of day that brought a smile to your face. Dylan and Lexie woke up, spotted the Easter Bunny footprints on our floor, and followed them to the kitchen, where the bunny hid their baskets. Both kids were excited about their goodies...Lexie had to break open the box of Peeps immediately.

We headed off to church. The combination of the service and the sun-filled church left me feeling so joyful and blessed. Lexie's charm came through in the middle of the service. Grant had taken Dylan up to the front of the church for the childrens sermon. After that sermon, the church was silent as everyone filed back to their seats. As soon as Lexie spotted her daddy and her brother, she said, in her adorable little voice, "HI DADA! HI DYL!!! HIIIIIII!" Her excitement rang out through the church, and everyone errupted in laughter. The kids were absolute angels in church, earning the praise of several people and the Reverend.

After church, we stopped by Nannie's house for tea (and candy). Nannie gave Lexie and Dylan the most obnoxious, noisy bunny toys...they loved them, though!

We then headed to Grant's other Grandma's house for dinner. Delicious, as usual! Dylan had to entertain the roomful of people...typical Dylan. Lexie hung out on Grandma's lap, and played peekaboo with her skirt.

Our last stop was at my sister's house for an egg hunt and my family dinner. The egg hunt was fun (though chilly!) and dinner was great, but everyone left rather quickly after dinner...due to some interesting events. Hey, life in a family this big is bound to be crazy.

When we got home, the kids attacked their Easter baskets, which they apparently had been missing all day. Dylan went straight for the candy, and Lexie stole Dylan's playdoh monkey.Overall, it was a wonderful Easter Sunday, and I really couldn't ask for a better day. It was beautiful outside, the church service was great, and we spent the day with our loved ones.

After such a busy weekend, all was quiet in our house...


  1. Sounds like my son at my BIL's wedding. He kept saying, "hi uncle B" during the ceremony. I had to cover his mouth to keep him quiet! :o) What a fun Easter, and I can sympathize about the big family thing. There were 30 people at Easter dinner and it was organized chaos. I was so exhausted I had to ditch out even before dessert!!

  2. The pictures of them with bunny ears on while sleeping after such a busy day are so darn cute!

  3. They are so stinkin' cute! Looks like fun was had by all, and I agree with Brooke...those bunny ears adorning their sleeping heads are precious!

  4. That is so cute that they are sleeping with their bunny ears on!

  5. It's really tough with all the stress. I definately see how it's harder for you right now.

    My thing is when I'm tired. Which is pretty much all the time and I'm not even pregnant yet! Thursdays are my only weekdays off and I should be enjoying the extra time with the kids. But instead I'm irritated because I know I have to go to school at night. That's not their fault though! I'm not going to take a night class next semester. I'll take one during the day since the kids will be in school Mon-Fri anyway. Then I can relax with them once I get home and not feel like I have to go somewhere later.

    I like the walking away thing. I'm going to try that!

  6. Those were great! I loved the shots of them with their bunny ears, so precious.
    Don't you love when you get noisy presents? Once, I *lost* a particularly noisy one. Never found the darn thing.

  7. So cute! I love the pics. I can't believe how old Lexie looks all of a sudden. We had Fun Dip in our baskets, too, and it was a big hit. :)

  8. Awww! Looks like the kids had such a fun and tiring day, love the bunny ears. They are so cute!

  9. Your daughter is adorable! I would have laughed too, if I'd heard a little girl say that in church. :P


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