Our Five Ring Circus: Picture Perfect

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Picture Perfect

I took so many pictures of the kids on my birthday, and figured I'd have to post them now before I forget about them! Yes, I realize there are so many more of Lexie than Dylan. She is just so much easier to photograph right now!

It was gorgeous outside on my birthday. I love watching my kids play. I love stalking them with my camera. I love the fact that I can capture the moment forever in pictures.

Dylan and Lexie were picking violets for me, and storing them in an empty bubble container. Dylan is going through a phase where he wears his bandanna (ahem-technically it's a kerchief that matches one of Lexie's dresses) every day, thinking he's a cowboy.

Lexie never puts down her bunny. When she needs her hands free, she tucks him away in some other convenient location.
Little Miss Bean decided she wanted the sled off of our sun porch. And yes, the kids did go sledding! I can't get over how grown up she is looking these days!
When we can't visit our horse, we have a good alternative. (Excuse the swingset boxes still in the background...ahem...honey...)
Dylan and Lexie just love their new swingset. Their favorite thing to do is swing like this:
There's no more baby left in Lexie. She really looks like a toddler now. Her cute factor is through the roof!
I love this one. Dylan and Lexie absolutely adore each other.

I love looking back on these photos and remembering our day. I feel so blessed to have Dylan and Lexie in my life.


  1. They are both so freakin cute!! I love the one of Dylan riding the horse! LOL

  2. Lexie tucking her bunny between her body and her legs while she bends over is one of the most precious photos I've ever seen. The photo of the two of them reminds me of a Norman Rockwell. Well done, mama!

  3. Great pictures! I love candid shots, esp. of kids. The last one is priceless!

  4. Those are wonderful pictures! Lexie is so precious! And why is it that kids love to swing like that? Hannah does it all the time and now Avery is trying too! I don't remember doing that as a kid...maybe it's just been too long!

  5. Beautiful pictures Stef!

  6. Those are great pics! I love capturing those candid moments...so sweet. Love the "bandana!"

    Glad you had a great birthday!!

  7. Oh. My. Word.

    Do you even know how stinkin' adorable your kids are???? Be still my heart!!!!!! :)

  8. That is one patient pooch! I hope Dylan doesn't think he can do that forever! ;)

    The last photo of the two kids is precious beyond words. But, really, most of the photos are just too stinkin' cute!

    I hope your dad is doing okay. My dad beat cancer a couple of years ago.

    Our blog: Double Happiness!

  9. Oh my, keep up with posting pictures like these!! What great photos - I love them all, but for some reason the one with him hugging the dog is my fav :)

    Glad you had a nice birthday too.

  10. I love the pics of D on the dog, and my kids use their swings the same way! It cracks me up. What a couple of cutie pies you have.


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