Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me Monday!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me Monday!

You know the drill! It's Not Me! Monday, which is a blog carnival created by MckMama. If you haven't done so yet, you should really check her blog out!
Please keep MckMama's baby Stellan in your thoughts and prayers today. He is in the hospital right now, in the PICU.

It wasn't DH or I who stimulated the economy by purchasing a wooden play gym for the kids.

My over-organization skills did not come in handy during the building of said play gym. I did not
have every piece of wood labeled and every screw, nut, washer and bolt separated.

I did not start making shamrock sugar cookies, only to realize after the dough was ready, that we did not have a shamrock cookie cutter. Or a rolling pin.

I am not furious that Lexie ruined a brand new pair of pants, that she only wore once, simply because they are part of a really cute outfit!

I did not dig in Lexie's poop to get a stool sample, take it to the lab and find out that the nurse had given me the wrong container! I was not livid...I do not have to wait for the next perfect sample and repeat the process.

Dylan did not go down the slide today and land in a pile of Great Dane poop. Nope, I had already removed that pile!

I did not spend $4 on a ridiculous piece of squishy cheese with two squishy mice in it, because my daughter loved it. Why did I buy it? Because I love my daughter so very much and if sticking squishy mice in holey cheese all day long entertains her, it's worth it!

I did not make my hubby watch Twilight last night. We are not somehow getting free Pay-per-view and channels that we don't pay for on our TV. We are not taking advantage of it.

While at Toys R Us, my hubby did not buy a toy for himself.

I am not refusing to buy the probiotics for Lexie that will cost $60 a month, because she won't even take them.

I did not buy Lexie another pretty dress! That was not me, if anyone asks!

I did not take nearly 1000 pictures this week with my new lens. NOT me!

As of the 21st, Grant and I have not been a couple for a DECADE!


  1. Happy 10 years together! Amazing!!

    I would be livid about the poop sample! That's just gross to begin with, but to have to repeat the process...yuck!!!

  2. I do hope no one from your cable company has read this and is on to you now....

  3. Ohhh, a new lens! How fun and exciting. And congrats on ten years together!! That's so great. You've been through so much together.

  4. Happy 10 years! Yay! So, what is this new lens?

  5. Just the Nikon 50mm 1.8 D. I've been wanting to get if for a while. Super cheap, but oh so fun!


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