Our Five Ring Circus: Mini D

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mini D

I never thought my kids looked much alike. In some pictures (like my blog header), yes, but most of the time, no. But it seems that the older Lexie gets, the more she resembles her big brother. Their only big difference is that Dylan has striking baby blues, and Lexie has big, dark brown eyes.

I have this picture, taken just last week, set as the background on my laptop.

I was staring at the screen today, and realized that Lexie looked just like a Mini-Dylan in this picture. I know it's hard to see in this size, but if you click on the picture, it will enlarge. They just look so similar-the same shade of blond hair, the same skin tone, the same facial features!

I mentioned it to Grant, and he said he had just noticed the same thing. Of course, he had to add in the comment that they were so pale that they looked like they were glowing. You know, like I locked them in a windowless basement all winter. Nice. Thanks, buddy. I can't help it that they inherited their mom's fair skin!

Okay, so back to the picture. I guess I shouldn't be so shocked. They are, after all, brother and sister. I just never noticed just how much they resembled each other!


  1. it might as well bea windowless basement its been so dark here all winter! i am so ready fo sun. the are stunningly beautiful regardless. they look like little angels.

  2. They do look alike...especially in that picture! People always say Truett and Claire look alike, but I don't see it.

    They're both beautiful!

  3. Yes, my boys are white too.
    My guys? barely look alike. It is funny, my sister, brother and I all had characteristics that were similiar, but we all were so different looking
    my brother had brown hair, brown eyes,freckles
    sister? Pale (truly, she is like nicole kidman, or worse) ultra blond hair and blue eyes, no freckles
    Me? Dishwater blonde with green eyes, smattering of freckles...
    Okay, now that you know my whole family, I'll let you go!


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